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(WORK IN PROGRESS) !IMPORTANT! Read if you Fash-bash

In past times, Altay has faced some criticism from players way more leftist but not necessarily more liberal than we are. This criticism revolved mainly around the fact that we have comstructed embassies, and therefore according to our law established alliances and R/D non-agression pacts, with regions openly Fascist. To some, this means that Altay itself is Fascist. Our WFE and tags say we are libertarians and 1n lists Fascism among ideologies that are not to be genuinly promoted in and by Altay. However, some happen to be ignorant of these things and judge us based purely on our embassies.

We are people of civil liberties, individualism, traditions (for they celebrate and preserve our unique culture), scientific facts and free market economy. Any ideology seeking to deprive us of any of these qualities is considered dangerous.
Such are:
1) Fascism - since it treads on our individualism and civil liberties;
2) Nazism - since it treads on our civil liberties, scientific facts, individualism and free market economy;
3) Marxism - since it treads on our civil liberties, free market economy, scientific facts, traditions and individualism;
4) Liberal leftism - since it treads on our civil liberties, free market economy and scientific facts;
5) Forms of religious expansion by force - since they tread on our civil liberties, traditions and individualism;
6) Sharia - since it treads on our civil liberties and individualism;
7) Modern Feminism - since it treads on our civil liberties, individualism and scientific facts.

A region which openly supports point 1 and condemns points 3 through 7 earns itself 5 good points and 1 bad point. 5 reasons for us to befriend them and just one idea for which they shal receive our condemnation. However, a region which condemns points 1 and 2 often supports points 3 through 7 although some condemn points 5 and 6 as well.

Preserving traditions, scientific facts and capitalism at the cost of civil liberties and individualism is a lesser evil to us than loosing everything at the hands of Marxism. We are more willing to put up with Fascism in order to defeat all the other regimes than to put up with nearly all forms of oppression in order to end just Fascism alone.

We don't have friends who are Fash because we ourselves are Fash too but because we both dislike almost the same bad things. And we have no problem being friends with an Antifa region as long as they are just anti-fash and don't tread on our freedoms, culture, science and capitalism.

But if instead of being an anti-fascist you're an anti-capitalist, think that individual ethnic groups shall not form states of their own, deny obvious and readily provable scientific facts, deny or ignore the historic record of some regimes' crimes against humanity, think that there's no point in preserving the various cultures of different ethnicities and if you'd trade freedom for securities, then you do dislike us for who we really are and you do have reasons to criticise us for who we are.

In an ideal world, we wouldn't be defeating Fascism and replacing it with Marxism or defeating Marxism and replacing it with Fascism. We would be defeating Fascism & Marxism and replacing it with truth and liberty. That is also the reason why we have colonised both Fash and far left regions.

statement awaiting ratification by regional government