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Associated Nations

Main Nation: Paffnia
Emissary Nations: Puppaffnia
Recruitment Nation: -Paffnia-
Semi-autonomous Region: Vardinya
Charity Work Nations: Taco-Island-Charities, Taco Island Charities Cards
World Census Nations: Surprise, Transportation, Please Walk Forward
Puppet Storage Region: Seinfeld
XKI Cards Co-operative Card-farming Nations: Paffnicard 1, Paffnicard 2, Paffnicard 3, Paffnicard 4, Paffnicard 5, Paffnicard 6, Paffnicard 7, Paffnicard 8, Paffnicard 9, Paffnicard 10
Miscellaneous Puppets: , Puppaffnia II, Puppaffnia III, Peach Ice Cream

The Protectorate of Paffnia