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The Tech Tree

This is the list of available technologies to research in the Fallout Wasteland. Technologies must be researched in the order shown. Please note that the technologies are not necessarily in order and having specific technologies or special projects may require technologies across multiple tiers (for example, you can design scrap vehicles at Engineering 1, but you can't actually build them until you research a power source for them, at minimum Energy 2)

Research Cost is in Blue right next to the title of the tech.

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1. Subsistence Farming 500
- Allows collection of food resources
2. The Plow 500
- Allows the construction of Simple Farmsteads.
3. Irrigation 750
- Allows the construction of Farming improvements in non-rations tiles (production halved, suppresses tile resource)
4. Tractors 750
- Allows Advanced Farms. Tractors require Fuel/Power.
5. Fertilizer 1000
- Farms built in non-rations tiles produce the same amount as farms built in Rations tiles.
6. Algae Farming 1250
- Allows the construction of Algae Farms in tiles with Rations. Cannot exist in the same tile as regular farms. Required for Biofuel Factories.
7. Hydroponics 1,500
- Vaults, Enclave Bunkers, and BoS Bunkers produce 1 ration per bunker if occupied. Institute produces 5 rations.
8. Automated Farming 1,750
- Allows Automated Farms. Requires Power and Robots.
9. GMOs 2,000
- Allows precise genetic tailoring of plants to meet specific needs or environments.
10. Food Replication 2,500
- Vaults & Bunkers provide 3 rations each with Power if occupied.

1. Wasteland Husbandry 500
- Allows Cavalry if you have a Rations tile.
2. Morphine 500
- Allows the manufacture of Med-X
3. Penicillin 750
- Allows the manufacture of Antibiotics.
4. Recreational Chemistry 750
- Allows all Fallout drugs except for Stimpaks, Radaway, Rad-X, Jet, and Mentats. Allows Ethanol.
5. Modern Fertilizers 1000
- Allows manufactured fertilizers and Jet.
6. Dietary Supplements 1250
- Allows the manufacture of dietary supplements
7. Modern Medicine 1,500
- Allows the manufacture of Stimpaks, Radaway, Rad-X, and Mentats.
8. Robotic Doctors and Cybernetics 2,000
- Allows the manufacture of Autodocs. Allows Cyborgs.
9. FEV 3,000
- Allows genetic research using FEV, allows the manufacture of FEV. Allows (real) Aqua Cura. Allows Alpha Soldiers (Enclave-Only)
10. Panacea 4,000
- Allows the manufacture of Curie’s Panacea. Allows Synths (Institute-Only), Nightkin Cure, Super Mutant Sterility Cure.

1. Flesh and Bone, Wind and Water 500
- Allows windmills, water mills, hand pumps, horse-drawn vehicles
2. Fire and Water 500
- Allows steam turbines, steam-driven vehicles
3. Key and Kite 750
- Allows the generation of Power from mills, dams, and steam plants. Allows electric vehicles.
4. Internal combustion 750
- Allows power from Petrol or Ethanol. Allows internal combustion vehicles.
5. Fischer-Troph Process 1000
- Allows the conversion of coal to gasoline and jet fuel. Allows biofuels.
6. Helios One 1250
- Allows solar plants for Power. Allows Small Energy Cells. Allows Civilian Lasers (Wattz lasers, Laser RCW). Allows players to repair robots found in the wasteland.
7. Oppenheimer 1,500
- Allows Nuclear Fission reactors. Allows Fission Batteries.
8. Cold Fusion 2,000
- Allows Cold Fusion Engines, Fusion Cores, Microfusion Cells. Allows military-grade lasers (AER lasers, gatling lasers). Allows cold fusion powered vehicles. Allows Power Armor.
9. Plasma Physics 2,500
- Allows the manufacture of plasma weapons. Allows the manufacture of stealth boys.
10. World of Tomorrow 3,000
- Allows Hot Fusion power plants. Allows improvement on Laser and Plasma designs.

1. Artisan Craft 500
- Allows collection of mineral resources and scrap. Allows Artisans. Allows Small Shipyards. Construction efficiency -50%.
2. Steam Drills 500
- Allows Level 2 Resource Collectors. Allows Small Factories. Construction Efficiency -25%
3. Power Tools 750
- Allows Medium Shipyards.
4. Ransom E. Olds 750
- Allows Level 3 improvements. Allows Medium Factories.
5. Synthetic Materials 1000
- Allows the manufacture of petroleum-based synthetics from coal. Allows Large Shipyards.
6. Mechanicals 1250
- Allows Large Factories. Allows Protectrons. Allows Level 3 improvements.
7. Modern Manufacturing 1,500
- Allows Super Shipyards.
8. Machine over Man 1,750
- Allows Mr. Handy, Mr. Gutsy, Liberators. Allows the substitution of robots in place of human workers at a 1-10 ratio. Allows Super Factories.
9. 3D Printing 2,000
- Allows the construction of manufacturing bays in vaults, bunkers, and large vehicles. Allows Sentry Bots, Assaultrons, & Robobrains. Allows Securitrons (New Vegas Only).
10. Energy-Matter Replication 3,000
- Allows Replicators (requires power). Allows Gen1 and Gen 2 synths (Institute Only)

1. Positively Medieval 750
- Allows all medieval/ancient weapons. Allows Roman/Late Medieval non-gunpowder siege weapons.
2. Black Gunpowder 1,000
- Allows all Black Powder rifles. Allows muzzleloading black powder artillery. Allows Congreve rockets, gatling guns. Allows Dynamite.
3. Cordite 1,250
- Allows rifles, machine guns, mortars, and artillery from up to 1920. Allows grenades, aircraft bombs. Players may repair and use any conventional firearm or artillery piece encountered in the wasteland.
4. The Greatest Generation 1,500
- Allows rifles, machine guns, mortars, and artillery from up to 1949. Allows rocket launchers, rockets, glide bombs, early missiles, etc. up to 1949
5. The Cold War 1,750
- Allows all weapons from the 1950-1968 period.
6. The Vietnam War 2,000
- Allows all weapons from 1969-1979.
7. The Late Cold War 2,500
- Allows all small arms from 1980-1991. Allows Fallout heavy weapons (ones without RL equivalents, Fat Man, etc.)
8. The Modern Era 3,000
- Allows all small arms from 1992-2005. Allows Fallout-era conventional firearms (ones without RL equivalents)
9. Future Warfare 4,000
- Allows Gauss Rifles, pistols, and miniguns.
10. Wunderwaffe 5,000
- Allows railgun artillery, Fallout unique weapons (Red Glare, Solar Cannon, Cosmic Cannon, etc.)

1. All roads lead... 500
- Allows the repairing of highways and bridges w/scrap or steel. Allows wooden ships. Allows scrap vehicles (requires fuel or power). Allows Raider Power Armor, custom power armor (must be manufactured from scavenged pieces)
2. The Wright Flyer 1,000
- Allows the repairing of Railroads w/steel (railroads require fuel or power). Allows Biplane aircraft.
3. Mustang Sally 1,500
- Allows piston-engined aircraft up to 1949. Allows pre-dreadnought iron and steel ships.
4. Landships 2,000
- Allows tanks up to WW2. Allows Dreadnaught-era (WW1) ships. Allows players to repair & use power armor found in the wasteland.
5. The Whittle Engine 2,000
- Allows 1st Generation Jet Fighters. Allows ship designs up to 1949.
6. Centurion 3,000
- Allows 1st Generation Main Battle Tanks.
7. MiG Alley 3,000
- Allows 2nd Generation Jet Fighters. Allows helicopters up to 1963. Allows VB-01 Vertibirds.
8. Anchorage 4,000
- Allows 2nd Generation MBTs. Allows T-45d & T-51b power armor. Allows ship designs up to 1975.
9. The Phantom 4,000
- Allows 3rd Generation Jet Fighters. Allows VB-02 vertibirds, all variants. Allows helicopters up to 1985.
10. Composite Armor 5,000
- Allows 3rd generation MBTs. Allows T-60e and X-01 power armor. Allows APA, APA II, Hellfire armor (All Enclave only).