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How to be a Man

How to be a Man
Poem by King Kaekio I
Written in 1547

As a boys life goes on,
He becomes a man.
A big strong man, like his father.
A caring kind man, like his father.

But, a man is not big and strong
or caring and kind automatically.
He must work for himself to
become a good man.

There are 6 virtues,
That will help a child
be a good man
In his older days.

Loyalty, in which
A man devotes himself
To his friends and family
Even in hard times.

Kindness, in which
A man shall be nice
And generous to others
No matter what time.

Bravery, in which
A man must overcome
the dangers he faced
as a child,

Helpfulness, in which
A man shall help
anyone who is struggling
and needs it.

Cheerfulness, in which
A man should be happy
Of the world he lives on
Even in the worst of times.

Trustworthiness, in which
A man must be honest
So he can be trusted
by other people.

These 6 virtues
Outline a strong man.
He who is loyal, kind, Brave,
helpful, cheerful and trustworthy.

Without them,
A man shall be ruined.
He shall be put in grief
And feel that way for long.

These virtues apply
To past, in memory,
To present, in view,
And to future, in dream.

Hopefully you have learned
A man must be supportive to
all, in order to become a man,
Who shall live his days happy.