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Flag of Treciene

Flag of Treciene (Flaggen dei Turezene) is the official flag of Treciene. It was developed in 1888 by Robyuk Havlajis Huniatao, an artist known for his surreal paintings.

The flag consists of a blue field, with six blue shields and three blue swords on a yellow pall, and a yellow crown surrounded by yellow three eight-pointed stars placed on the hoist side of the flag, near the pall.

Blue on the flag represents sadness and hard times. Yellow on the flag represents activity and happiness. Overall, the colors on the flag show that at times you can happy, at other times you can be sad. It is a way of life.

The Six Shields on the Flag represent the six Virtues of the Great Warrior, made by King Kaekio I in a poem called "How to be a Man" (Loyalty, Kindness, Bravery, Helpfulness, Cheerfulness, and Trustworthiness). The Three Swords represent the authority of a man (in Past, Present, and Future). Overall, both symbols could represent a man's life, or the defense of the nation.

The Crown represents the king, and the three stars represent its chancellors. Overall, this represents the authority of the nation.