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Three Star Tribune: October 2020 Edition

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October 2020 Edition: N-Day Victors
Augustin Alliance Faction Gains Third Victory in N-Day

By Polder Eiland, Editor
On September 28, nations from the Augustin Alliance and many, many other regions (including Anteria) gathered on Discord to coordinate a team to fight for a third victory. The prior two victories had been gained on the first two N-Days, which were followed by the Augustin Alliance becoming the singularly most irradiated faction on the game during the third iteration of the event.

The event began at 2 A.M. EDT on September 27, and off the bat, the strategy of the alliance faction was to stockpile--and for good reason. Early into the game, An Alliance of Potatoes, a favored front-runner, was shot down mercilessly by Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a small band of people controlling an absurd number of puppets. This served the Augustin Alliance well, as a few hours later, the Horsemen turned on the AA faction and were barely fended off.

The Alliance was served well by division into three separate teams: Alfa, Bravo, and Charlie. Team Alfa was comprised largely of players controlling singular nations, whereas Bravo was composed of players with a decent number of puppets and Charlie was dominated by about a half dozen people with more than 200 puppets each. This allowed teams to be differentiated in terms of attack and defense strategy, allowing for massive multi-hour attacks and defenses to be coordinated simultaneously.

Eventually, the Augustin Alliance came to dominate, especially as Potato started to pick off the Horsemen and made a miraculous comeback, due to sheer impressive planning on the part of Potato. The Alliance joined in on the assault and helped to make the Horsemen the newly most irradiated faction.

As time dragged on, the number of valid targets decreased significantly. It became a mere game of defense, with Potato and the AA fighting each other for radiation of a few random factions. The AA finished N-Day in first place, with 287,488 points to Potatoís second place with 284,847.

The voice chat afterwards was overwhelmed by people cheering, and a toast was given by DiRito-Opolis, a leader of the faction. At the end of the day, many people were exhausted--some not having slept during the entire 24 hours of the event. Despite this, the mood was vibrant and tangible in the server for days afterwards. The question is raised: with three victories, more than any other faction, can the AA continue to remain on top in future N-Days?

Polder Eiland
RP Demographics Survey Results: The Median Nation

By Polder Eiland, Editor
A follow-up to a previous survey done in August, The Second Anterian RP Demographics survey was conducted from October 21 to October 31. Thirty-two nations responded, representing the majority of active RPers in Anteria. Here are the results, if they were to be applied to a singular nation.

Letís construct what the median Anterian nation looks like. It has 45 million people (up from 36 million in August), 10 percent of its population lives in the Capital (which is the largest city), and its heads of state and government are male. It is very centrist, with a 5/10 rating on both how economically left/right it is, and 5/10 on how socially liberal/conservative it is.

The median nation is also a democracy and a republic. Monarchy doesnít quite make the cut (only 15/32 nations answered that that described their nation). It has capital punishment, some legalization of recreational drugs, and universal suffrage. There are very few immigration quotas, if any, and there are open borders with at least some countries.

Gay marriage is legal, and there is public healthcare available for all citizens. There is no official religion (if there were, some form of Christianity would be the most likely, with 4/13 responses on nations who did have an official religion citing it). The nation is likely partially Western European in terms of its influences. It was founded between 1600 and 1700, and gained its independence either through confederation or direct independence from another nation.

It is not a part of any major Anterian defense alliances, and has a mixed market-leaning economy. It has a per capita GDP of about 40,000 ACU. There is some form of military conscription, and the navy has about 50 ships. 6.27% of its population is in the reserves or is active duty.

What are some takeaways? First of all, there is one country that fits these standards the best: Prei Meas. So in case you are wondering, that is the most normal Anterian country. But other than that, no nation quite fits these standards (even Prei Meas differs a lot in terms of the demographics). In fact, there was a great deal of diversity in all of these answers. To conclude, Anteria is truly a place for diversity of worldbuilding, in the best possible ways.

The raw RP demographics results can be requested from Polder Eiland via telegram or discord.

The Anterian World Assembly: A Novel International Organization

By Polder Eiland, Editor
A first-of-its kind thing, The Anterian World Assembly has taken the planet by storm. Founded in the wake of the establishment of several intergovernmental organizations, The AWA seeks to consolidate international relations into one hub, where member nations can vote on various proposals.

The forty-five members consist of regular members and also security council members. The security council is further divided into two subsets: rotating members and permanent members. The permanent members consist of Aziallis and the Triumvirate, whereas rotating members are picked every six months randomly.

These members have recently concurred on Orine, Aziallis, as the location of the headquarters for the organization. However, as the AWA acts as a consolidation of other previously founded organizations-including the IGP and International Court. As a result, the AWA is well-distributed across the World.

However, the AWA is more binding than those organizations, many of which had non-binding or mostly voluntary contribution standards. One of the first proposals was for the AWA to be given jurisdiction in all appropriate matters in members of the AWA, and for members of the AWA to be bound to membership in all branches.

As of yet, the AWA has not acted in a significant manner on any recent international events. It remains yet to be seen how intervention will occur, whether nations will agree to be bound by its laws, and whether nations will agree to arbitration by the security council.

Two for the Price of Two: Two New Directors Appointed, Two Removed

By Polder Eiland, Editor
In September, several people announced intentions to challenge Ateenia, then-Director of Roleplay, to his position. This precipitated an electoral season that spanned the whole month. Early polls showed the incumbent trailing and Shadoveil and New Sebronia ahead. At the end of the month, when presented with an opportunity to debate, only New Sebronia and Shadoveil responded, and so were the only challengers allowed to continue to the next stage of the election.

Sebronia spoke in the debates of his dedication to research and accuracy in making calculations as his strengths. He affirmed his belief in the importance of these strengths in being Director when stating, ď[The DORP] is the one making sure that everything goes right and everyone has a great experience.Ē

Shadoveil spoke, meanwhile, of his activity as his greatest strength, stating, ďIím active at most times of the day and I would be ready to respond to anybodyís questions or concerns almost immediately if I am not busy.Ē His views on the position of the Director were consistent with this, with Shadoveil saying that the DORP is, ďthe main person to come to when it comes to roleplay related questions.Ē

Sebronia won in a close race, garnering 44.7% of the vote. However, Emi announced the establishment of a new Director Position, the Director of Foreign Affairs, which would be held by Shadoveil. Shadoveil had been active in a diplomatic capacity for months prior, and would be newly empowered to carry out a FA agenda.

Other than Ateeniaís ousting from office, this also came with the removal of Velnotia from position of Director of Justice, along with the abolishment of the position. Together with Navy (Plattinum)ís appointment to Director of Recruitment, this made for a month of many changes in government.

Anteria: Five Years and Counting

By Polder Eiland, Editor

For those who were distracted by N-Day, September the 28th had another momentous occasion: the fifth anniversary of Zhenganís founding of Anteria. Ever wonder why itís Zhengan, and not Emiís main nation, Prybourne? Emi actually founded the region with four friends back in 2015, including Kilowatt and Velnotia. The fourth friend was the one who originally controlled the founder nation, but as time went on, Emi became the effective sole founder of Anteria, and so was given full administrative authority.

In that time, Anteria has gone through multiple maps, three constitutions, and more late nights in VC with Emi than anyone can count. In the meantime, multiple people have pointed to multiple aspects of Anteria--administration, RP, and cartography, among other things--as the golden standard among NS regions.

To celebrate this achievement, the Directorate set up a week-long celebration to commemorate the occasion, started on the 21st of September. During that week, Anterians and diplomats gathered in VCs to watch movies, play games together, and worldbuild. As the final day arrived, Anteria was rewarded with participation in an N-Day victory (see: N-Day Article).

While the celebrations are over, the region and its community continue to grow and develop, incredible as ever. Hereís to five more years, Anteria!

Hubadabubada: An Interview with Sweeze, Waifu Command of Lily

By Polder Eiland
Polder Eiland: I am joined today by Sweeze, Commander of Anteriaís newest embassy region, Lily. To begin, Sweeze, For those who might not be aware of what Lily is, what does Lily do as a region?

Sweeze: Lily is an independent military organization on this terrible game, and we specialize in a pretty niche field of military gameplay, of doing something called tag raiding at very high speeds where we try to take over as many regions as we possibly can in a night.

P: How did you come to be a leader of Lily?

S: I had come back to NS wanting to raid again, and after a brief stint as a defender, I ended up taking up an offer Liliarchy had made ages prior to raid with Lily. I fell in love with tag raiding, took up pointing/leading runs wherever I could and gradually taking more leadership positions and responsibility. After a few months of inactivity, I found myself the sole person in a leadership position where I took up rebuilding the org.

P: What has been your favorite thing you've done with Lily?

S: My favorite thing Iíve done with lily (and NS in general) was rebuilding it and going on the raiding spree this summer where we hit at least ~2000-3000 regions in the span of 2/3 months, and operation stargazer where we hit 576 in one night (and 270 on one team).

P: What is Lily's culture like, and how did it develop that way?

S: Lily's culture is a lot of messing around and s**tposting and never really taking ourselves seriously. Under the veneer of being sarcastic and poking fun at each other, we're a group of people who genuinely care about each other. Itís something Iím glad happened. It developed that way pretty naturally from people we drew in, bringing their regions' cultures with them, and us growing closer together as just a group of friends.

P: How does Lily handle its foreign affairs, being an independent region?

S: Being an independent military catering to a fairly specific niche isn't very easy on the foreign affairs department; ultimately it becomes a case by case basis with an independent (or, hubadabubada) alignment. Based on other regions' attitudes towards us we'll adjust or answer questions about what exactly we are and what we do. Some things just flow naturally, others we have to make more of a conscious effort to maintain relations with, but ultimately I'm pretty happy with how things have turned out so far.

P: Do you believe that there is any ethical consideration regarding raiding (i.e. could raiding sometimes be immoral)? If so, which considerations do you take, and which considerations does Lily take?

S: My personal take is that ultimately this is a game, and people who try to make a morality and ethics debate out of something as silly as raiding and defending are equally silly. Lily does not have a policy or consideration towards this debate, but as a mainly raiding-activity based org our members are generally not people who worry about ethical concerns regarding raiding anyways.

P: Do you think it's important for natives in non-aligned regions to be aware of how R/D works?

S: I think to some extent itís important. In the event said non-aligned region goes founderless itís good for people to know how to secure their region from potential raiders. If the native just wants to do more things on NS it's also good to know for them that that's an option they can potentially take.

P: Thank you for your time! Please remember to check out Sweezeís region, Lily, and its discord server.

Opinion: The Anterian World Assembly, Governance, and RP

By Polder Eiland, Editor
Note: This does not reflect the opinion of the government of Anteria, or of the author in her capacity as Director of Information.

I put this at the end of the newspaper in an editorial capacity in order that the reader would first consider what I believe to be a more nuanced and neutral take on the AWA before I deliver my opinion. If more opinions are had on this subject, I am more than happy to publish them in next monthís edition. Simply telegram me or DM me on discord.

With that being said, let me get to the subject at hand: the AWA, its effects, and whether it poses a problem for RP. In an in-character capacity, until recently, I was roleplaying as Polder Eiland, a small island nation nestled in the equatorial seas of Thuadia, close to Aziallis, New Sebronia, and Zhousheng, all strongholds of the Anterian World Assembly. I now RP as Aenglicia, an authoritarian socialist state with a strong suspicion of most international organizations, especially the AWA.

One of the things, I confess, that caused me to change which nation I RP with is my concern about the AWA out of character. I am not a fan of bureaucracy in RP. I think it dulls down both worldbuilding and national interactions to mere litigation which new nations (rightfully) have no interest in. To me, the AWA represents a consolidation of that bureaucracy.

For months, I had been a part of the IGP, and the Sekidean Union. I am now a part of the Dokodo Union as Aenglicia. I do not mean to degrade international unions. However, it must be noted that the AWA goes beyond any of these. Whereas the Dokodo and Sekidean Unions both function as regional unions that unite countries with similar interests, the AWA acts effectively for the majority of the world.

Furthermore, the AWA is so large that its votes are less a brokering of deals between nations and more the whims of populism among nations of varying sizes--to the extent that a half-baked proposal from a random nation may make it to be binding for all of these nations. While no proposal can be truly ďbindingĒ, as RP requires consent, it is important to note that the sheer number of nations in the AWA enforces a sort of popular appeal to join.

I worry about the soft power this presents, especially in a region where historically little centralized power has been given to in-character organizations. While I cannot outright condemn it, I caution both those joining and those leading: consider the strength this organization has the potential to wield, and curb it.

Announcement: HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMI!!

Please welcome all of us in wishing Emi, our founder, a happy birthday on the 13th of this month. Though itís positioned to be a Friday, what could be unlucky about a her birthday, especially when sheís anything but bad luck to our region?
Recipe Corner

By Prei Meas, Journalist

Recipe for Traditional Preimean-Style Chicken Amok

amok paste:
3 tbsp lemongrass chopped
4 mint leaves chopped
1 tbsp ginger fresh, minced
1 shallot minced
2 garlic cloves sliced
1 red chili sliced thinly, seeds removed
1 tsp tumeric ground
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp coconut milk
1 tsp palm sugar
1/4 tsp cracked pepper
1 lb chicken breast boneless, skinless, cubed
1 13.6oz coconut milk can
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp lime zest for garnish
jasmine rice:
1 cup jasmine rice

1. prepare the jasimine rice according to package instructions while the rice is cooking, prepare the rest of the dish.
to make the amok paste:
1. place all the ingredients in a mini chopper, food processor, or mortor and pestle (if you are big balls tough guy like me) and blend thoroughly
2. The paste will flow like a slurry with the added liquid. Add a little more if your paste is too thicc.
To prepare the chicken:
1. in a bowl whisk together the coconut milk and fish sauce, set aside.
2. in a deep non-stick skillet or wok, stir fry the chicken until done. Transfer the chicken to a plate.
3. in the same skillet/wok heat paste on a medium until it becomes fragrant about 3 minutes.
4. Add the coconut milk mixture and stir in
5. make a slurry to thicken the sauce: mix 2 tsp of cornstarch with 2 tbsp of the sauce. whisk together in a small bowl.
place the sauce and corn starch mixture back in the sauce and stir continuously until at a nappe consistency.
7. once the sauce has thickened add the chicken back in and simmer for 10 minutes
8. serve with jasmine rice and garnish the chicken with lemon or lime zest.
9. enjoy :)

Questions? Contact Polder Eiland or @Jinkies#1836 on Discord.