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ATA International Convention: Results

The Results of the International Convention

Once again, welcome to the International Convention! We are gathered here today to share the results of the International Convention's many events. But first, I would like to thank Grea Kriopia, and Thedairos for helping me make this event possible. Secondly, I would like to thank my Deputy Senators, Margaux and Central russia, for judging this event with me. Finally, I would like to thank all of the participants for roleplaying in my event.

The winner of the military event will receive the famed Peacekeeping Award as shown below to wear as a badge of honor for their nation!

It is my utmost pleasure to award the Peacekeeping Award to Keswickholt, and in second place is The Galactic RepubIlic! Krystalveil also submitted a factbook.

The Battle Speech winner will receive the famed award of Literary Excellence as shown below for their illustrious word powers.

We had three stirring speeches submitted during this event. Megistos won the event with 13 votes (from XKIers), Haivon came in second place with 8 votes from XKIers, and Mat She in last with four. Thus, it is a pleasure to award the Literary Excellence Award to Megistos!

The winner of the Government Factbook Event is Davadatopia. Unfortunately, no reward for them. Keswickholt and Krystalveil also submitted a factbook for this event.

The Map Event winner will receive the prestigious Environmental Excellence award as shown below to demonstrate their nationís commitment to knowledge of their lands and stewardship over them.

Interestingly, in this event, we had a tie, between Megistos and Krystalveil. The Yakubatian Fedeal Republic, Haivon, Porymonia, and Keswickholt also submitted a map. So, I am happy to award the Environmental Excellence Award to Megistos, and Krystalveil!

The winner will receive the famed award of Developmental Excellence as shown below for showcasing their nationís vibrant perspectives on each event and demonstrating high levels of knowledge.

The winner of this event was Porymonia! Congratulations!

Please be sure to check out these nations' factbooks, and congratulations to the winners!