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Loranian RMB Regulations #2

Loranian RMB regulations #2
Author: Seven Seas
Sponsor: Excalium Nova

Article 1 - Definitions

I. Spamming as the act of posting irrelevant messages on the RMB repeatedly for attention or in order to disturb others.

II. Flaming as engaging in unfounded argument on the RMB involving personal attacks by one or more parties.

III. Trolling as the deliberate act of making random unsolicited and/or controversial comments on the RMB with the intent to provoke an emotional reaction from unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument.

IV. A discriminatory remark as any part of a post on the RMB that pertains to an individual or individuals, rather than an ideology or concept, and makes a negative assertion about them based on a part of their identity or an immutable characteristic e.g. gender, race, religion etc. Negative remarks about concepts separate from individuals, e.g. a political ideology, are not included in this definition, unless they devolve into personal affronts.

Article 2- RMB Regulations

I. No nation is allowed to commit the acts of spamming, flaming, or trolling.

II. Any discriminatory remarks about people or places shall we strictly prohibited on the RMB.

III. Arguments are a natural occurrence and can be good but they shall not escalate into personal attacks on the RMB.

IV. No links to external sites that contain adult content will be posted on the RMB.

V. No links to malware or computer viruses will be posted on the RMB.

VI. The use of swear words or racial slurs is prohibited on the RMB, however swear words may be implied (e.g. with grawlixes).

Article 3- Enforcement of Regulations

I. Any post on the RMB that breaches the regulations of Article 2 shall be immediately suppressed by any government official with the power to do so.

II. Nations who have committed acts of spamming, flaming, or trolling will be immediately ejected by any government official. The ejected nation may return but if said nation spams, flames, or trolls on the RMB again they will be banned from the region.

III. Nations who have posted any violations of Article 2 Clause II of these regulations will be given a warning. Once 3 warnings are collected by one nation, said nation will be ejected and banned from the region.

IV. The regulations in Article 2 shall also apply to posts made by nations from embassy regions, including the consequences of breaching the regulations. Embassy nations that cannot be banned will be given a warning, and after collecting 3 warnings they shall be banned from posting on the Lorania RMB.