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The Liberty Gala 2020: Defender Values in the Security Council

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[box][size=140][b][color=cba135]Interview with [nation]Kuriko[/nation][/color][/b][/size]

[i][nation]Kuriko[/nation] is the most prolific SC author in history, having passed 24 resolutions as author or co-author. Kuriko consistently leads SC discussions for defenders, presents Liberations of regions in dire need, and reaches out to ensure other communities get their SC recognition. Kuriko has recently returned to active update defending after 14 months as Delegate of [region]10000 Islands[/region] and was recently Commended by [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=328/council=2]SC #238[/url]. Transcript is modified for readability.[/i]

[b]Question[/b]: Why do you think engagement in the Security Council needs to be an important focus for our community? ([nation]Numero Capitan[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Engagement within the security Council needs to be an important focus for our community because it's a very important tool in both getting our message out there via commending regions as well as players and in saving regional communities via liberations after conventional liberations have failed.

[b]Question[/b]: I'm sure there are plenty of guides and a lot of self education is needed, but do you have specific areas to look into, etc, for folks who are new or old to the game who are interested into getting into the SC? If you could make a resource list for beginners in the SC to get up to speed, perhaps not immediately jump in, but close to it, what would you have them look at?  Even your own personal recommendations on it? ([nation]Phoenix Coalition[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Well, right now I would personally still point to the out of date guide to the SC in the on-site forum. I haven't really payed attention to whether there are other guides out there regarding the Security Council, but I'm working on fixing the Guide to the SC in short form and I plan on writing a more in-depth guide for dispatch form.

[b]Question[/b]: Which part of the writing process do you enjoy the most? (eg doing the research, finding a suitable nominee to write a resolution about, actually drafting it, etc.) ([nation]ROM[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: For me personally, I love the research phase of writing a proposal. It gives me the ability to deep dive into the history of NS, and as some people close to me know I'm a huge history buff ^·^

[b]Question[/b]: What is your general process for doing research? Obviously this differs greatly based on who you are commending/condemning and what for ([nation]Makdon[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: My general process is to first talk to the person I want to C&C to see if they have memory of what communities they've been in, and then after that start talking to other people that may have been around during their time there. Most of the time I don't rely on a nominees recollection of events, rather I research forum posts and talk to friends. It's really depending on the author's personal preference on how they want to persue their resolution.

[b]Question[/b]: Which of your resolutions did you find the most challenging when it came to down to voting, and why was it so difficult? ([nation]Karputsk[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: By far, it was the very first one I authored. [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=242/council=2]Commend Texas[/url] was so challenging at vote because of the voting bloc arrayed against it, where raiders had a huge influence on at that point in time. I ended up facing off against all of WALL at that time except IDU, which voted for, and if I recall correctly I only had TSP, TEP, and TRR voting on my side out of the 9 GCRs. I was up against 6 GCRs, a huge raider pile in Westphalia, and the independent UCRs.

I ended up having to send a WA wide campaign in order to get it to pass, and if I hadn't done that then the raiders influence on the GCRs and large independents would have seen it fail.

[b]Question[/b]: I want to get in to writing SC resolutions. How would I do this, do you have any tips? How do I keep the debate thread from fizzling out? ([nation]Cirrus Azale[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: It really depends, I think, on what you want to write for your first resolution. Some think it's very hard, but the two hardest parts are figuring out who you want to write about and the research. My honest answer is, see if you can get a known author to mentor you on writing SC resolutions because that's the easiest way to getting a start in the SC. Keeping the debate thread from fizzling out doesn't always work, because sometimes there's just no debate to be had. You have to have a balance, a balance of bumping and allowing it to continue naturally. The most contentious resolutions will have more discussion, while the least contentious ones have almost no discussion before going to vote.

[b]Question[/b]: You mentioned earlier that you enjoy ns history ~ so is there a specific area of that you enjoy researching the most (like your FRA/UDL or early XKI)? ([nation]ROM[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: My hectic life means I can't read into things as much as I would like too, but I think the time I enjoy researching the most is 2003 to 2008 because the game was so much more vibrant back then than it is at this point in time. If that makes sense?

[b]Question[/b]: What was your favorite resolution to research/draft? ([nation]Westinor[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=269/council=2]Condemn Macedon[/url], the replacement for [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=1/council=2]the first SC resolution[/url]. I know a lot of people didn't agree with that decision, and in hindsight I don't think it was a good idea to repeal SC#1. After [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=WA_past_resolution/id=283/council=2]SC#283[/url] passed, Condemn Durk #2, I realized that the community is more than happy to bestow a better resolution and keep the old one at the same time. That saying comes back to me now, "Hindsight is 20/20" ^·^

[b]Question[/b]: Do you believe that sc resolutions should be written to condemn raiders for raiding? ([nation]Stephenese Republic[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: This is something that I've had my opinion change on over time. If you had asked me a year ago I would have said no, but now my opinion is yes. But, and this is a big but, I don't agree that a condemnation should be written as a commendation for them. Almost all of them are in that form these days, and I'd like to see it return to a condemnation actually meaning what it's supposed to mean.

[b]Question[/b]: Are you able to share some thoughts on what makes a nation 'Commendable'? What level do you think 'the bar' should be set at, or is that not important? ([nation]Numero Capitan[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: I'm uncomfortable in defining where the bar should be set for a commendable nominee, because ultimately that's decided by the community at large. As it should be.

[b]Question[/b]: What do you believe is the role of defenderism in the SC? What future do you envision for defenderdom in the SC? ([nation]North Prarie[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Prarie with some good questions tonight! The role of defenderism in the SC, speaking on an ideological standpoint I believe, is the role of protecting the innocent and condemning the wicked. To show the truth for all to see in the light of the everlasting [violet]. (Its a joke :p) As to what I envision for defenderdom in the SC, my thoughts on this are still forming, and 90% of the time I have a really hard time putting my thoughts into words. My view is not only for defenderism, but for nativity as well. For the parts of the community that go unrecognized. I'm not really sure if I answered this effectively, and if I haven't I'm sorry for that.

[b]Question[/b]: Is there another prominent SC author, of any R/D affiliation, who you have a particular respect for? Why? ([nation]HumanSanity[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: There's so few authors still active in the SC, but by far I'd have to say it's two. Robespierre/[nation]Francois Isidore[/nation] of TNP, and [nation]Morover[/nation] of TNP. Their writing is so phenomenal, and it paints such an amazing picture of their nominees.

[b]Question[/b]: Are there any skills or areas relating to SC authorship where you think you could improve? ([nation]HumanSanity[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: My writing, by and far. I wish I could paint a story like Morover, or Robespierre, or any role player really. But my writing has always bern direct and terse, and I'm not sure if that's detrimental to the proposals I write or not.

[b]Question[/b]: How can we make the SC and the SC community more accessible to newer nations? ([nation]North Prarie[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Writing and distributing SC guides, as well as potentially collecting a list of commendable/condemnable nominees. One of the biggest setbacks to writing in the SC is the lack of a list of potential nominees.

[b]Question[/b]: What have you been working on as Sec-Gen, and what would you like to see improved in the WA? ([nation]THX1138[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Oh boy >·>. As some are aware, when I was [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=news/2020/04/04/index.html]elected Sec-Gen in April[/url] I was just a few weeks into my second term as WA Delegate of XKI. Between that, and a hectic RL work schedule and family, I haven't been able to work much on Sec-Gen stuff like I wanted. About a month ago I left my delegate office after completing my term, and I've been on a little break since then trying to get back into the right mindset. I have plans on writing the new SC guide, and potentially creating an SC focused discord server.

[b]Question[/b]: What do you think we should do about approval raiding, and what if anything should the SC do about it? ([nation]Astrobolt[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: What I think we should do about approval raiding, and this is something I've been contemplating, is create a coalition of regions (maybe even a treaty) to block it from happening. Have some kind of political repercussion for it, and hope that the independents and GCRs agree to it. As to what the SC should do, I'm not sure if it can do anything at all. We've already had one resolution passing recently legitimizing the practice, and I dont think we should let that continue.

[b]Question[/b]: What is your favorite type of SC resolution to write? Commendation, condemnation, liberation, or repeal? ([nation]Makdon[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Definitely commendations, I think. Although I could definitely get into condemnations too, depending on my mood. Just ignore my 7 to 1 ratio at the moment :p

[b]Question[/b]: According to your standards what should be the criteria for a condemnation? ([nation]Astrobolt[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Long term (as in years) of successfully being the "bad guy" IC, or as [nation]Roavin[/nation] puts it "the meta". In my eyes multiple years of this, and multiple years of raiding, make a condemnable nominee. I'm not going to put a number on the amount of years though.

[b]Question[/b]: You listed condemnation as mainly being an IC bad man as part of the meta.  We saw a SC item go to vote that was a condemnation based off of nation stats.  Are there any other cases outside of R/D "meta" that you would vote for a condemnation on, or it is specific to just that? ([nation]Dilber[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Ah, I see it now. Okay, that's easy to answer. I would vote for a condemnation of raiding, sports, role play, issues authoring, and politics but I would not vote for condemning based on nation statistics.

[b]Question[/b]: I've seen your re-commendation criticized because people feel it's not fair that Defenders get continuous commends, but Raiders mostly only get condemns. What's your thoughts on this? Are there any raiders you feel would be deserving of a commend? ([nation]Penguin Dictators[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: My thoughts on this is the fact that commendations are for good actions, and condemnations are for bad actions. Raiding is a bad action, there's nothing inherently good about it. Raiders should not be commended for raiding, nor should they be commended for actions related to raiding. That should be left to condemnations, as that's for those actions. As to who I think on the raiding side deserves a commendation, it depends on what they do outside of raiding and I honestly don't know the amount of potential nominees in their sector.

[b]Question[/b]: How do you suggest delegates increase interest and popularity for the WA? ([nation]Stephenese Republic[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: By posting in the RMB and using regional telegrams to increase knowledge of it. One important way is to identify those who don't want to enter the WA and explaining that you can have a separate WA nation, and showing them what they're potentially missing by not being engaged there.

[b]Question[/b]: Are there many projects commend/condemn wise you have in the pipeline at the moment, anything you’re willing to share? :’) ([nation]Chimes[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Back in 2018 some of the SC regulars will remember a draft by Lanaograd to commend Ariusgrad, the WA Delegate of Philippines. Over the last few months I've been quietly working on Lanaograds draft and expanding it a tiny bit, and should have a draft up soon on the SC forum. I haven't changed much in the draft, so Lanaograds is still predominantly intact

[b]Question[/b]: I dont know if this has been asked, but as you've been a very well established Delegate for 10KI for some time, is there any advice you'd have for new delegates or those that would aspire to be one for their region?

[b]Answer[/b]: Be visible, be nice, engage with those you represent. Take it easy when you first start, although I'm not sure what I can say beyond that. The delegacy of XKI is a bit different than those of other regions, with a far wider variety of powers than most regions put into the Delegate's hands.

[b]Question[/b]: What is your take on the recent trend of resolution subjects participating in the debates regarding said resolutions? ([nation]Benevolent Thomas[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Mildly annoying. The subjects of the C&C shouldn't be commenting in threads meant to be discussions on their viability for a C&C.

[b]Question[/b]: And how do you feel about site staff growing increasingly involved with the politics of the SC?

[b]Answer[/b]: They're players too, they have that right. Just because they're site staff doesn't mean they don't get to play the game like we do. As long as they don't use their staff nations, meaning using a known puppet of their choosing, I think it's perfectly okay.

[b]Question[/b]: Does pineapple belong on pizza? ([nation]2 and 2 is Fish[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Yes :smiling_imp:

[b]Question[/b]: What's your preferred dessert? ([nation]Penguin Dictators[/nation])

[b]Answer[/b]: Apple Crisp[/box]

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