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The Liberty Gala: Defender History Events

Defender Tapestry

In having such a rich and vibrant defender history, we could find no better way to visualize it than with a tapestry. The goal of the Defender Tapestry will be to show all the themes and organizations that make defending history what it is, both past and present, by sewing together the timeline of the Regional Sovereignty cause and representing each organization the way they wish to be remembered.

How to participate:

Each defending organization, inactive or active, is welcome to submit a work of art depicting themselves in a visual way to the #tapestry discord channel for The Liberty Gala by October 30th, 2020. For example, TITO would be Knights, Mordor would be Sauron/Nazgul/Orcs/ect.

These works are encouraged to be original pieces of art, created by members of your community for the broader defender community. Submissions should also have a transparent background so they will be incorporated easily into the Tapestry in the final product.

Also, please be patient. I do not have an artistic bone in my body, I just come up with really, really, ridiculously good ideas. I will be leaning on those of you who submit artwork to help stitch the Tapestry together, so please send me a DM @Benevolent Thomas#1213 on Discord if you'd like to help in these efforts.

These works of art will then be placed on a visual timeline at the time of their organization's founding. These submissions will be accompanied by additions depicting the highest and lowest points of our cause throughout history. This living tapestry will be updated as we head into the future with the goal of never being completed.

Defender Family Tree

It would be remiss of us to not remember the individual people who have contributed to our wider defender history, and we've decided to once again attempt a Defender Family Tree. It's been done before, with varying degrees of success, but the Defender Family tree seeks to map out the generational continuation of the Regional Sovereignty cause.

This year, we will try to simplify this process with a leaves-down approach. This means that you can only add yourself and one nation that you consider to be your primary mentor in your path to becoming a defender. It's more common for multiple nations to be involved with your training and overall growth, but we ask that you only submit one name in addition to your own for the sake of simplicity. You may not submit anyone you have claimed to have mentored. It is up to that nation to name you as their mentor, not the other way around. The tree will only go as far as the last reachable defender.

How to join:

Submissions for the start of the Family Tree will begin on October 25th, 2020 and end October 30th, 2020. These submissions should be made in the #family-tree channel in The Liberty Gala's dedicated Discord Server. Periodic updates to this tree will be planned during future events.

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