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Things Queen Dolly is not allowed to do in public (WIP)

Idea courtesy of Western Fardelshufflestein
As you may know Queen Dolly is a cat, so sometimes her... uhh... feline instincts kick in. So she is not allowed to do these things in public.

-Chase mice
-Quote Warrior Cats to foreign visitors
-Say Warriors spoilers in her speeches, not realizing that not everyone has read Long Shadows yet.
-Queen Dolly is not allowed to come in close contact with King Alastair IV of Western Fardelshufflestein, for the latter is severely allergic to cats.
-I can has cheezburger Queen Dolly is not allowed to add her own entries to this dispatch.
-Scratch people for petting her the wrong way.
-Enslave dogs and put them in concentration camps (even though they are illegal lol, we’re cat lovers not monsters)
Idea by Tranzoria

This is still in WIP stage, you can telegram me for your own ideas.