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Lt. Col. Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky - Military Superintendent of the Settlement

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky
Подполковник Доктор Петр Федорович Мирославский

Military Superintendent of the Settlement
Військовий наглядач поселення

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Full Name:
Lt. Col. Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky
'Petya', 'Petrushka', 'That Edgy Boy', 'Angy Bunbun', 'Miro-tovarisch', 'Blue pretty sus ngl', 'Commander'

Birth date:
25 February 2048 (Age 27)

Place of birth:
Providenska, Zitravia, Zitravgrad

Cult of Black Providence (for the memes)

Spoken Languages:
Ukrainian (native)
Russian, English (Fluent)
German (Intermediate)

Military Superintendent of the SS-AAA
Lieutenant Colonel (Polpovkovnik) of Zitravgradian Space Force
Military technologist, physicist and amateur mathematician

Marital status:
Open relationship (bisexual)



Academic Degree(s):
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics
Master of Science in Physics
Doctor of Military Engineering

Dr. Alexander Theodore de Marmesont (Great-grandfather- deceased)
Mr. Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky (Paternal grandfather - deceased)
Dr. Feodora Alexandrovna Miroslavskaya (Paternal grandmother - deceased)
Colonel Fyodor Kazimirovich Miroslavsky (Father - deceased)
Yuliya Maximova Kyrychenko (Mother - alive)
Colonel Alexei Fyodorovich Miroslavsky (Older brother - alive)

>Most retconned character, I have changed his concept four times.
>Ironically, he would be my first character on NS if I didn't write the PMT Zitravgrad first.
>Pictures of Russian actor Igor Petrenko, kinda cute but not over the top.
>I made him fairly young so that he is a relatable character to me.
>Soft boyo, poke with caution.
>Adventurer-soldier-poet-scientist kinda guy, actually sucks at being poet.
>He is just a very authoritarian centrist like his grandfather.

Jump to Political Views and Works -- for people who only come here for politics in a rush to make an opinion, but politics alone does not offer a full insight into his character at all. For his biography, please go to Biography, which will be divided into parts: Early Life, Academic Career, Military Life and Space Settlement. For more trivial information: Appearance and Health, Education, Personality and Personal Life, and Abilities and Weapons.

Military Superintendent of the Settlement (abbreviated to MSS in English) is one of the two top positions in the Administrative Duumvirate of the Space Settlement -- with the other one being the Civilian Superintendent. As the name implies, the Military Superintendent works on the military-related matters of the colony and is considered its commander. However, in a technocratic twist, the MSS is chosen among military engineers or scientists rather than combative or commanding officers. His or her duties are not only concerning usual military affairs such as the state and discipline of the space colonial troops, but also its research and development progress and future potentials.

Although not explicitly, the MSS is also responsible for the law enforcement the same way he is responsible for the military. Even less explicitly, the law enforcement has been governed in the same manners to the military since the days of the first Premier. Hence, the MSS is also in charge of the police, the secret police and the gendarme, or whatever that resembles them on this planet.

"Zitravgrad stands on three simple concepts: Equality, Progress, Integrity. Progress of the Collective shall be achieved by the cooperation of the aforementioned collective, or none at all. I might be a walking book of my grandfather's quotes but you can be sure I do learn from those." - Lt. Col. Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky

Biography (Back to the top)

Early Life (Back to the top)

In 2048, Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky was born into a reasonably wealthy family of soldiers and politicians -- the Miroslavsky had long styled themselves with such rigid tradition and expectations it could be said that they are the new elite in the Zitravgradian society once the Revolution cancelled out the aristocracy in 2008. He is the second son to a naval officer, Fyodor Kazimirovich Miroslavsky, and a clerical staff, Yuliya Maximova Kyrychenko,. He is also the grandson of Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky who had been the Premier of Zitravgrad for two decades (2010 - 2030) and puppeted the Workers' Party until the last months of his life. The couple also had another child, Alexei, who was born five years before Pyotr. Being the youngest among his numerous cousins, Pyotr was clearly spoiled from the right start by his paternal grandparents, with whom Pyotr became very attached. It was from them both that he inherited his interests and ambitions in both political affairs and the sciences later on in life. But at that moment, Pyotr was a child who took life as it went and was too young to understand the world in full.

When Pyotr was four years old, his parents had a divorce and his father won the custody of the couple's two children. Fyodor Kazimirovich was dedicated to his works and duties and rarely looked after his family properly (although it was rumored that his marriage was more or less arranged for political alliance within the Workers' Party). This separation did not teach him a lesson, and he began to grow even more distant to his children. After the said divorce, Alexei and Pyotr were sent to live with their grandparents in Providenska. Pyotr grew closer to his grandmother, Feodora Alexandrovna, who saw part of herself in him, saw his potentials, his intelligence and his interests. Years later, Pyotr would come to represent the world's memories of her in many ways -- beautiful, intelligent, opulent yet utterly shattered on the inside. Meanwhile, Alexei was closer to the grandfather and grew up to be the strict, stern, but charismatic counterpart of Pyotr. The two had what they later describe as happy and fulfilling childhood, but also a start of lifelong issues in their lives.

Kazimir Ivanovich was a politician until the very last bit of his life and hoped that his descendants at least succeed his ideology. But he was no longer the revolutionary, but a conservative of his time. His controlling charm and manipulative tactic had degraded into downright stubbornness. His "ideology" in 2050s was almost the same thing to what he held in 2010s. But as Kazimir saw a decline in his political career, his wife saw a decline in her body and mind. Despite the elongated life expectancy of Gaians, which could be as long as 150, Feodora Alexandrova was an engineered human and had used and abused medications and cosmetics of all forms to retain her youth and mental capacity, usually at the cost of her physical health. In her mid-seventies, she used her cane to walk and sat down to sulk for hours on end in her armchair, despite her face not looking older than she was in her wedding day in 2010. It was an anomaly of mortality that Pyotr failed to understand, and he would not understand her until the very last moment. At the age of ten, Feodora would put Pyotr in the world of academics as she pushed him for a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics.

Academic Career (Back to the top)

Entering a university at the age of ten was considered quite a move for Pyotr, even if he picked up things quickly enough. The world had been changing rapidly every minute and the competition was rife. As a result, Pyotr had no actual social life whatsoever and fell completely under the grip of his grandmother who pushed him further into the competition. She aimed for him to become "the best of his time" like she had been among the best of her time decades ago. Nonetheless, Pyotr had certain amount of freedom over methodology and time management. He took up chess as a sportive pastime and played in a couple of tournaments. There, he met the grandson of Dr. Konstantin Nedelykov, who was his grandmother's mentor. They two became a sort of friendly rivals, with Nedelykov being seven years old than him and slightly amused by Pyotr's antics.

"I wouldn't call it destiny. I would call it 'what goes round comes round'. We are the same type of people existing in the same location." -- Vyacheslav Nedelykov to Pyotr

Pyotr graduated with his Bachelor's degree in 2062 and started his Master soon after. At this point, he became closer to Nedelykov and discovered that the man's grandfather was still alive in his nineties. While only considered early into his old age, Konstantin Nedelykov was not healthy. His quest for becoming a machine failed as his organic body failed to handle all the augmentations he installed inside his body and as of early 2060s, he was completely stationary, bedridden and plugged into a computer. Nonetheless, Nedelykov and his colleagues had published numerous papers, important and trivial. Two of the most important topics he covered before his death were time technology and psionics, both of which were deemed completely nonsense. Pyotr became acquainted with the older Nedelykov for a short time before the old man gave up on his organic body and stopped his own heartbeat after copying his memories onto a computer. For the first time in his life, Pyotr faced the question of mortality and he hated it.

Pyotr as a teenager, he
was kind of annoying

Meanwhile, Zitravgradian politics was at such an eventful time. Grand Prince Viktor was now sixty-seven and experienced in most statecraft except for military matters. This flaw of him was eventually manipulated by the new Premier -- Zakarin Pavlovich Dorovansky. Dorovansky was no less militant than Miroslavsky before him and was even more willing to start actual aggression. Dorovansky was a man who deeply believed that the true space age had arrived -- he himself was once a member of the Martian colonial settlers. Hence, it was under Dorovansky's leadership that the Space Force was seperated from the Aerospace Force. In 2063, Pyotr's father, Fyodor Kazimirovich, then volunteered to transfer to the Space Force for a potential of growth in his career, believing that the traditional navy might be done for in the future. At the time, Pyotr was fifteen years old and was acheiving quite well academically. Most notably, he had received his Bachelor's degree at the age of fourteen and would have his Master's degree at the age of sixteen. Afterwards, he would accept an invitation to pursue a Doctorate in the University of Polmarsk in the Auestriker Empire. While his grandparents believed that this was the best for Pyotr, he felt that something was clearly missing -- he just couldn't put a finger on it yet.

In the Auestriker Empire,
they called him Peter.
It sounds kinda weird to
him, really.

In the Auestriker Empire, Pyotr met his grandmother's extended family beyond the people he knew from Auestriker Naukograd, the eugenicist community of Cerulia. It might not be so politically radical now, but Pyotr could witness in full the potentials and shortcomings of eugenics and its methodology. However, he saw that their goal of combating human mortality was an interesting issue. He did not like thinking much about it, but it was still something. Once Pyotr graduated with his Doctorate in Military Engineering, he planned to go back home and pursue a career in military technology immediately. It was already 2067, he was nineteen, at the age for national service. Nonetheless, he planned for a long stay. The Miroslavsky had been a military family after all.

Back to Zitravgrad, it seemed like Dorovansky was perhaps just a space-age Miroslavsky -- a charming natural leader with a thirst for power that could not be quenched. He was quick to pursue a conflict with the Kozavian Empire concerning their allocated territories on Mothus, the nearest colonizable planet. After several cases of trepassing by both sides in 2062-2066, Dorovansky's reaction was to initiate space-based combat with the Empire in said planet's orbit. He knew the Kozavian Empire was in a stagnant time, but he also overestimated the strength of his own Space Force and did not expect the Kozavian Empire to escalate the conflict by bringing in the international community to "punish" his unlawful actions after his defeat. In the spring of 2067, Dorovansky was demanded by the Grand Prince and the Prime Minister Yuliana Igorevna Palovsk to step down. Pyotr came home to receive the news that his father had died in the said conflict and his grandfather had been in constant arguments with Dorovansky. It seemed that the older Miroslavsky was now losing a grip on his political power.

Military Life and Space Settlement (Back to the top)

2067 was the worst year of Pyotr's life, as with Alexei. Their father was killed in combat in the void of space and his body couldn't be recovered. Their reunion with their mother was bittersweet at best and downright painful at most as she never seemed to look back once she had remarried. In the winter, Feodora Alexandrovna had given up all her will to live, unable to cope with the death of her youngest son and her own declining health and depression. She requested to be euthanized and her husband eventually gave in and decided that he would die with her. Before their last moment, Pyotr asked his grandmother to explain her reasoning for it and she replied only that "dying painless is a blessing." Again, Pyotr looked at Death in the eyes and tried to understand it. The only thing he learned out of that was a fear of commitment. He was afraid, dearly afraid, of loving someone so much he wanted to die with them.

After Miroslavsky passed away in so romantic a manner, Dorovansky gave up his political ambition and the public began to humanize the face of their first Premier again. The new Premier Alexander Alexeyevich Petrenko of the Technocracy Party was a man who sought peaceful progress and revival for the again-wartorn nation. He petitioned for Zitravgrad to have a colony on the newest colonizable planet Crustalia. Seeing a chance to be far away from home, Pyotr volunteered to join the Space Force as a technologist. He soon was beaten (not literally) out of his antisocial tendencies and eventually came to appreciate military discipline even if he was not a combatant. He was also quickly noticed by his superiors not only for his genius but also frankly for his family name and began to have a rather cushioned career. It was also under the training with the Space Force that Pyotr managed to tap into his psychic powers, formerly an unexplored and discredited part of Gaian physiology.

Nonetheless, Pyotr would be tested all the time by the people who doubted him for his age and accused him of nepotism. Since in his training to his commission as a technical officer, he would be have no friend or comrade, only colleagues with whom he had no relationship with or downright enemies. Pyotr grew into a heartless, soulless machine not unlike his Auestriker ancestors. But among the indifferent people of the Space Force, Vyacheslav Nedelykov was there. Now face to face as adults, they developed a deeper relationship which was borderline romantic. However, Pyotr backtracked when he felt 'threatened', much to Nedelykov's confusion. Nonetheless, they remained on excellent terms. While obsessed with collecting his grandfather's works, Vyacheslav was not created to follow his footstep -- he was a doctor. Pyotr's ability to understand the older Nedelykov's works seemed to be one of the reasons Vyacheslav was also obsessed with Pyotr.

Pyotr rose in rank rather quickly for a man in his age, but mostly due to his status as a technician which offerred chances for publicity. By the year 2071, Pyotr became a commissioned officer and a head researcher. Moreover, he entered the Workers' Party and enjoyed some popularity within the Party. However, his true purpose was getting connections to further his own career. He was not so interested in becoming a politician in the eternal chess game in Providenska like his grandfather and the more Pyotr knew about the late Miroslavsky, the more he was not sure that he liked the man as a politician. Nonetheless, Premier Petrenko tried to use him to further his own agenda by asking whether Pyotr wanted to join the Expedition Team to Crustalia. It was perfect -- the grandson of a revolutionary hero, the scion of one of the 21st century finest academics, the product of long-established eugenics and genetic engineering -- Pyotr felt it now. He was the best of his time.

"You are telling me
that I am not supposed
to die? What about my
woke-ass edgy nihilism
now, bruh? BRUH?"

But he was fully-aware that as one of the first Zitravgradians to set their foot on the mysterious planet, he was going to see all kinds of danger. Crustalia was a planet with life, albeit no sentient one. There was no hope in reasoning with anyone or anything on that planet and fellow Gaian colonies might not be so kind. He also knew that Petrenko could not care much whether he lived or died as long as he did so on that planet. Still, he felt a surge of daredevil energy. Why not? He said yes. There was glory to be sought in the unexplored wilderness of Crustalia. Before the Expedition Team left for the planet, they received a blessing from the Grand Prince himself.

"Have you lost your mind, Pyotr Fyodorovich? You might die."
"I will at least have something to account for when I meet my grandfather, your Reverend Excellency."
- A brief exchange between the Grand Prince and Major Miroslavsky

The journey to Crustalia already took a few months, not unlike voyages across the oceans of the old. Pyotr looked forward to finding his purposes there. He was dedicated to the sciences, indeed, but he also sought more answers to his life than that. A clamor for adventures, perhaps. Alongside him was Nedelykov, working in the medical sector. He also discovered that the crew he came with were in fact rather young. The oldest officer present was no more than forty-three -- still rather young in Gaian context. Older, more established fleets were more occupied with making their ways around the already known and explored areas of space and many senior officers had opposed such early settling on a planet they were not familiar with.

"I'm a doctor, yes yes.
Doctor in engineering.
What do you mean he
is dying? Oh yes, I can
see his oil leaking but
it's red."

They arrived in 2072 and began settling since. As the settlement became stable and grew larger, a couple more fleets with settlers arrived at the settlement and processed resources were sent back to the motherland in Gaia. However, the hardship of the Expedition Team was often overlooked as they fought their ways to the cold forest and the deadly swarms of native animals. While the team had been careful, they faced a couple of issues -- their settlement happened to be in fertile lands which would attract native fauna and there seemed to be a traitor among them, a spy for the Kozavian Empire. The latter issue became obvious when the most senior officer in the crew was murdered.

"How could I know who to trust or not?"
"Imagine trusting people. I would rather trust a swarm of Crustalian iron-sting hornets bigger than my hand."
"Now, do I call for emergency meeting or something?"
"In before they call out 'Nedelykov is sus he is a doctor'."
- An exchange between Miroslavsky and Nedelykov

In a skype interview
with journalists in Gaia,
connection was not great

Pyotr found himself in a dire situation. He had to prove himself innocent... and saw the chance to take over the crew by being the one who exposed the traitor, which he did by employing methods used by secret police and gendarmerie. For the first time in his life, he had human blood on his hand and not for good. Eavesdropping, intigues, torture -- he would do anything to get to the truth. And when he exposed the traitor, a young lieutenant installed as sleeper agent, Pyotr's solution to getting rid of her was shooting her in front of the crew. It was only after she laid dead and bleeding that he woke up from this 'trance'. He looked at everyone, mildly confused.

"My comrades, my countrymen, my fellow Zitravgradians...", he spoke, so softly unlike he had shouted and screamed for the whole week before. "I did not wish to harm anyone, but I also could not tolerate betrayal among our rank and file. I did this for our own safety and order. Providence guide us." It worked. Resolute and iron hand had always worked in Zitravgrad, especially when people saw that they were working in their favor. Pyotr was then recognized as the new Military Superintendent to replace the one who was murdered. It has been not so long since then, and Pyotr still has much to prove to his crew, to Nedelykov, to Zitravgrad... and to himself.

Political Views and Works (Back to the top)

As a member of the Workers' Party, Pyotr is quite its model member -- a man of military and science who believes in equality, integrity and order. And as a Miroslavsky, he is the same iron-handed administrator that his grandfather was -- but now without any intention to hide or mask it under the sweet lies of public relations (not that he had a choice). For someone in his time and his age, he surprisingly appears as socially moderate leaning to conservative, thanks to his family's upbringing. He supports Dress Code Bill which dictates the dress code for work time in every governmental office, as well as Ban on Public Drinking (which bans drinking on the streets and in public places that do not sell alcohol). Economically, he is also rather left-wing, willing to support the Party's usual national healthcare and public education. That being said, he is borderline authoritarian and heavily nationalistic, which works well with his position as a military officer and in a small population of people with fixed mission rather than general population trying to live their lives.

Fully aware of his age and experience (or lack thereof), Pyotr regards the Civilian Superintendent with respect and never crosses the line to meddle in the civilian affairs unless needed. He also works closely alongside his subordinates, understands their problems, strength and weakness, as he is one of the military staffs in the explorer team. He is down-to-earth and accessible, declaring that his office is always open. Nonetheless, he rarely takes well when someone tries to cross him or disobey his orders due to his youth.

He is not among the universe's best diplomats either, just like his grandfather. Moreover, he has yet to mature enough to retain the same air of grace and refinement like the older Miroslavsky. Zitravgradian Crustalian colony has a rather cold relationship to the colonies of other nations thanks to his tendency to avoid conflicts (and hence not joining any side and not earning much trust from any side.) However, he has some influence on international academia, as they are following his works. Overall, his colonial policies are basically adaption of his grandfather's nation rebuilding policies: industrialization, cautious military stance, socially conservative stance and cautious foreign policy. He still approves the use of state surveillance and labor as punishment. Miroslavsky also pays much attention to the law enforcement, having no real qualm against secret police and the like. As a "Black Cultist", he is generally secretive of his religious belief, but reveals that he is neutral Abrahamic beliefs in his personal life. In his policy, he declares himself secular.

Education (Back to the top)

He seems to inherit much of his grandparents' intelligence. Pyotr Fyodorovich is an in various other fields in science, especially physics and mathematics. Moreover, he is also well-versed in history and politics, as well as literature that he is interested in. He speaks Russian and English fluently and is able to communicate in German, although only limited to daily casual conversation, as his education in the Auestriker Empire was done in English language. Pyotr only understands philosophy in a highly superficial way (aka memes). His critics would most likely talk him down by saying that he is not even half as refined as his sophisticated grandfather.

Pyotr's fields of knowledge in military are wide-ranged, but he has the most profound knowledge in the technologies used in the Armed Forces. Like any good enthusiast, he loving remembers every model of gun, tank, ship, plane and spacecraft used in Zitravgradian Armed Forces. Otherwise, he is known to have no common sense and like to rationalize simple things or make them more complicated than it looks. It's either that he has an attention for details or he is absolutely trivial.

Appearance and Health (Back to the top)

Pyotr looking old for 27 here

He reminds people of his grandparents a lot. He is tall, muscular young man with black hair, blue eyes and pale white skin. His usual attire is a khaki military uniform, a gentle reminder of the Second Global War. Since he is partially a product of genetic engineering, his blood maintains slight blue tint for a reason only known within the gene pool members. Sadly, he is rather negligent of his health and tends to overperform physical and mental duties. He looks plain and unfashionable most of the time in civilian clothes, preferring comfort over style.

Pyotr always looks somewhat older than he should be, thanks to not only stress but also his own attempt to look more respectable. He suffers from similar mental sickness to his grandfather, like paranoia and mood swings, but it should be under control for most of the time. Pyotr's psychic powers is usually considered to be the destructive type, as well as levitation and telekinesis. His mind is still rather 'open' for psychics who could read minds, a fact that he dreadfully despises.

Personal Health Evaluation

What is it about?








Full Human (⅛ Cerulean Konstruiertermenschen)


190 cm (Above Average)


81 kg (In Range for Healthy Weight)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type

HR (Universal Donor)

Hand Dexterity


Physical Health Quotient (PHQ-I)

Beta (Above Average Physique and Immunity)

Intellectual Intuition Quotient (IIQ)

Alpha (Extremely Good Learning and Memory Capacity)

Psychological Health Quotient (PHQ-II)

Epsilon (Below Average Psychological Health)

Personality and Personal Life (Back to the top)

Pyotr in his Space Navy uniform

For the lack of a better word, Pyotr Fyodorovich is a troubled man who has gotten halfway over it, but still falls into rabbit holes more often than appropriate. He is somewhere between a friendly, amiable young man, an eccentric, ambitious and workaholic officer, and a sharp, stern and unforgiving leader. Pyotr's range of mood swings is wide, but at least predictable. He seems to inherit much of his grandparents' intelligence and mental problems. That said, he is well-aware of his genius and devotes himself to improving. Pyotr is often noted to be "under the pretention of selflessness", often justifying his actions by saying that it benefits others. When pressured, he also dissociates himself and cuts off all senses. A spoiled child in the past, Pyotr admits himself to be lonely and in constant search for attention and affection, yet fears commitment as he feels like he might be too dependent on a person once he settles with thrm. He is always living in the past, often talking about his family as if they are still around. More recently, he appears more authoritarian, more rule-abiding and even more condescending than ever, but still retains his cynical, nihilistic humor and general disregard of petty rules for greater purposes. He sometimes has childish humor, pranking people and making edgy jokes.

Now in a (very) complicated relationship -- he might or might not still be in a relationship with Nedelykov. It mostly depends on how he feels like at the moment of asking, although the two share their dwelling (die to limited accommodation rather than anything). Meanwhile, Nedelykov acts as a caring, if obsessive and jealous, on-and-off partner, as he wants to pin Pyotr down. But generally he will still go out with anyone who has common interests with him, which means he is more likely to go out with men but still much more likely to choose a chess-playing A.I. over other people. Also, on the other note, Pyotr gives bad instructions and lectures, thanks to his fast-talking manner and his reluctance to believe that not everyone is taking things at his pace. He is in an open relationship mostly because he is lonely and fears the concept of settling down, rather than promiscuity in general. He is also very private about his relationship and bisexuality. In his alone time, he needs to be distracted somehow or he will likely be restless. He doesn't like staying in dead silence and might have a radio or a television on in the background as he does things.


    "YULIA IS HELLA SUS BRUUUUUUH." - In search of a traitor

    "I will serve the state to my very last breath, but only when I know it still serves the interests of the people."

    "Think of me and I will be there, Nedelykov. But 'I love you' is a bit much for me to speak."

    "If my grandfather was still alive, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't leave home. Why would I want to live a home where my family lives? I left because there was no one for me there anymore."


Pyotr (left) with his colleagues, not much darn given

    - Pyotr had been through many phases as a teenager -- emo phase, ultranationalist phase, edgy phase, "I cleaned my room once and I have improved" phase. He knows more than most how it feels like to act on an impulse. And this is his fear -- to act on an impulse again.

    - He doesn't like the idea of having pets or children (at the moment) but he will play with any pet or children coming his way. He likes rabbits a lot. As far as Pyotr understands it, he has no obligation to "succeed the family line" as he is far from the current head of Miroslavsky family.

    - Since he cannot cook to save himself and has little time, he considers real food to be an occasional treat. He relies heavily on capsule foods, MREs and other convenient replacements. However, he does enjoy comfort food and sweets. That said, he keeps his dwelling clean and wears his uniforms with rigidity -- his shoes polished until jet-black and the fabrics sharply ironed. He cares for his own image than health, apparently.

    - Pyotr has a bit of an obsession with houseplants, having tended them with his grandparents as a child. He prefers green environment over the chromium aesthetics of the day and keeps houseplants in his own room. His favorite among them is climbing roses.

Abilities and Weapons (Back to the top)

OOC: To be perfectly honest, it is my first time rewriting FT/FanT thing seriously and I might have problems explaining this section correctly.

    Standard Physical Training: Pyotr has had basic one-year training, as well as cosmonaut's physical course. Nonetheless, he is not very bulky, but rather lean, agile and fast. He prefers to be on the offensive with element of shock and surprise on his side.

    Exosuit: Maximizing his physical speed, Pyotr wears an exosuit over his tactical uniform which enhances his speed, agility and flexibility, allowing higher jumps, semi-acrobatic movements and faster sprints, at the sacrifice of his energy.

    Weapon Expertise: He knows his way with weapons more so than his own body, having trained to use firearms and military vehicles. Main ranged weapon: CT-87 / Main melee weapon: Electric sword

    Intelligence: Adept, fast-thinking and calculating, Pyotr Fyodorovich can utilize his knowledge in physics and mathematics in combat and make good use of his surrounding even in tight times.

    Psychic Powers: His psychic power is categorized into destructive type, as it is highly influenced by his emotions. While he can focus the said destruction onto specific targets, there simply isn't more to it than that. His other psychic abilities include levitation and telekenesis for short periods of time.

    Time Perception Shift: Stuck in his inner mind, Pyotr perceives time at a slow rate, allowing him to think clearly. However, it is his own perception that changes, not others. Nothing actually changes outside his own mind.

    Providence's Favorite: With enough psychic power [citation needed: how much?], Pyotr could rip a tear in the material plane [what?] and into the Void [the what?], releasing tendrils of the void-being into the material plane for a brief period of time. [Okay we crossed the line into Lovecraftian FanT----]

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