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First Week of the Term in Europeia


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(Europeia, 16/10/2020) - With the beginning of the term with Peeps and Pitchonia, the Europeian community has gotten off to an active and great start. Here you can find a summary of this past week and all its highlights:

The Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) has been off to a good start with nine days in a row of operations with successful hits to targets, new members joining the Navy, and a newly appointed Grand Admiral, Istillan. After his opening speech, Peaches led an operation and prepared a special commemoration.

There were several more opening addresses and speeches of these during the week from all ministries.

The Minister of Radio, Sopo, released his opening speech, where he talked about the upcoming close relationship between the Ministry of Culture and Radio, and featured Xecrio and Madeline Norfolk as the two new deputies for the Ministry, with the possibility of appointing one more deputy later on the term.

In the opening address of the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, SkyGreen24, he presented an outline for the term, which included new approaches to programs such as the Europeian Heroes Program and the WA Resource Update. Seva was once again appointed as Sky?s right hand and aid for the pok?mon program, and Androxis was featured as another helping hand in the Ministry.

Minister of Communications Forilian gave an address where he announced five deputies: Calvin Coolidge, Xecrio, Androxis, Istillian, and Tane, one for each column in the EBC, as well as Seva for dispatches. Also, the new column 'Satirical Corners' was launched and will be directed by Tane.

Minister of Culture Calvin Coolidge stated that there are many new things to come, and that there is going to be more announced later on the term. The first deputy for the Ministry announced was Lime and, in the following days, Monkey, Forilian, Baobab, Rotasu, and GraVandius were appointed as further deputies.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kuramia, gave an opening address, in which they proposed several goals and activities, some of which have already started to take place such as expanding the WAAtchable.

The Minister of Interior Malashaan also gave an opening speech where he proposed several goals for this term, including the use of statistics and polls to improve the overall experience in the forums and keep resources updated. He also appointed Le Libertie and Vor as deputies for the Ministry.

With reason, President Peeps congratulated all ministries on a great beginning of this term in his first presidential update. He also featured numerous events and specialties coming up during the term, like the Europeian Calendar, Commendation Day (October 22nd), Halloween (October 31st), and Honored Citizens' day (December 2nd).

Last but not least, the Office of the Attorney General has also been active, conducting a legislative assessment for the Attorney General Role Restriction Act which amends the Attorney General Act of 2012. The amendment was proposed by Senate Speaker Darkslayer, and written and edited by clerks John Laurens, JayDee, and Josi.


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