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News - Sundred Now WA Delegate as Transition Continues

Special News Report

Produced by the Ministry of Communications of The North Pacific

By Chewie, Staff Writer, and BMWSurfer, Minister of Communications

MAGICALITY CITY - The Vice Delegate on Saturday announced that "we are going to be entering into the next stage of the Delegate Transition this week" as the Delegacy transition continues into a new month.

This comes in the third week of the Delegacy transition, which happens every time a new Delegate is elected. The newly elected Delegate assumes office immediately, but needs to accumulate endorsements to overtake the outgoing Delegate. Traditionally, the outgoing Delegate stays as the WA Delegate of TNP until the Serving Delegate accumulates enough endorsements to surpass them, which usually takes several weeks. The Serving Delegate "is responsible for maintaining an endorsement count that exceeds that of any other nation in The North Pacific," but is supported by a transition team. This team, according to Dreadton, is made up of both the Serving and outgoing Delegates, the Vice Delegate, the Security Council, and various cabinet Ministers and others as needed.

This transition comes amidst a months-long decline in the population of The North Pacific. Since May, when the first of Drew Durnil's followers started to CTE, the population of TNP has declined by over 8000 nations, with over 600 of those being World Assembly members. This has made it difficult for many players to maintain endorsement counts, and has contributed to some difficulty during the transition.

In his statement, Dreadton introduced a new plan for the transition, that former Vice Delegate and Security Council member Sundred (also known as Artemis) would take up the position of WA Delegate for the remainder of the transition. This is a break from the traditional transition structure, which usually has the outgoing Delegate remaining WA Delegate for the period of transition. Dreadton addressed this in his statement, saying "By assuming the [World Assembly] Delegate role during the transition, we are placing a player who has been voted on by the Regional Assembly to protect the security of the region and is subject to recall if they fail in their duties." One thing that will not change under this plan is that the WA Delegate, who is now Sundred, will "work with Kranstov (Tlomz) to ensure the elected government's policies are carried out."

In later comments via Discord, Dreadton remarked that Sundred and Prydania were quite close in endorsement count due in part to the aforementioned drop in WA membership. He commented that ?when an SCer is as close as they were in this case to the top spot, its better legally and logisticly for the SCer to take the spot and hold it until the elected delegate is in postion to assume the role.?

A statistic showed by the Vice Delegate on Sunday showed that Delegate Tlomz is currently at 12th place in endorsements in the region. The government encourages all players to endorse the Delegate, Vice Delegate, and Security Council. For information on how to endorse these people, please click here.

Publisher: Kranostav :: Executive Editor: Veniyerris