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RGA statement on the declaration of war on Altay

The Regional government of Altay has noticed that on the 28th of August 2020, a war has been declared on the region of J o J. The Anti J O J Coalition was formed and its goals and sole purpose of existence were revealed to the world in the "Anti J O J Coalition" dispatch.
Of particular interest are the parts of said dispatch which define the belligerents of this war. At the current time, they are:We have been informed, by the dispatch author, that "associated with them" is to be interpreted as "allied".

As it is, or at least should be, well known, every region that agrees to have an embassy in Altay does so in accordance with §2n of the Regional legistation of Altay. The first clause of this law says:

"An embassy is perceived as a sign of alliance between Altay and a region which has an embassy in Altay. By establishing an embassy in Altay, a region agrees to a non-agression pact, regarding raiding, defending and interregional politics, between it and Altay. This alliance may be ended at any point by simply abolishing the embassy."
Since we have embassies with them, this law applies equally to Raxulan Empire, Edmundian Empire and J o J.
Therefore, we are legally prevented from supporting any one of this three regions in their raiding campaigns against each other. That is why we did not even think of supporting any one of these three regions for by doing so we would have violated the non-agression pact and broken the alliance between us and the other waring region(s) of this conflict. We wanted to stay neutral. Nevertheless, it is now known to us that the war declared on J o J was declared on us too (as obvious from what is written above).

We are not so much startled or surprised by the fact that our allies, Raxulan Empire and Edmundian Empire, have joined the Anti JOJ Coalition. However, we can't help ourselves not to scratch our heads when we think about the way it all happened. They have violated the non-agression pact by joining a force that declared war on us but they still have not revoked the non-agression pact by abolishing embassies. Moreover, nobody could even be bothered to inform us that we are in a state of war. And as if that was not enough, we are still cooperating with the Edmundian Empire on securing and stabilising one of their regions and protecting it from further raids. We consider it unwise for them to declare war on us while our troops are stationed in that other region, forming two thirds of its population, and will soon be ready for action. This is amplified by the Edmundian Empire recently getting itself irreversibly into a situation where they can't take any action within that region dirrectly and have to rely on us.

Acknowledging that Raxulan Empire and Edmundian Empire do not appear to engage with us in any actual raiding combat and that they have not revoked the alliance with Altay, we propose:

•withdrawal of the declaration of war on Altay
•continuation of the alliance with Raxulan Empire and Edmundian Empire
•continuation of our cooperation with the Edmundian Empire according to the original agreement

But if you wish to be in the state of war with us, we must admit that you are free to abolish your embassies in Altay and thus officially end the alliance.

We are awayting your response.

Eastern Tatarstan
Leader of Altay

Supreme Chairman of Altay