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No One Hears Terror in the Depths of Space

DeltaSource wrote:The ship is silent as the crew starts doing their various tasks. The newest member of the crew, Iago Rominev, is fixing up the ships water supply, it had taken damage from an asteroid. Iago hears footsteps, no one else was supposed to be near him, he was supposed to be alone. He hurriedly finishes his job and stands up. The footsteps stop and soon are heard leaving. Iago breathes in and out before reporting to the captain "Sir, I think there might be a spy on board, possibly Makastan."
"Nonsense, no one but the Emperor himself knows we are here."

02:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
The Captain is awoken with a start, the alarm is going off. The Captain rushes to his station and looks at the lieutenant, "Report?"
"Sir, the gunner Leonard Vasilo was found dead at his station, it appears he died from a blow to the head, his death appears to be instant."
"Hmmm...pherhaps Iago was right after all."

DeltaSource wrote:05:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
Iago can't sleep, he sits at his desk, playing with a pencil. Ever since he heard those footsteps things have gone downhill. Now the gunner is dead, disturbing, but that at least narrows down the options...right? A loud crash is heard outside of his room, Iago jumps, dropping his pencil. He puts his ear to the door, hushed talking is heard.
"Great job! You........kill......."
Iago swallows and grabs his blaster pistol. The talking ceases as footsteps are heard leaving. Iago leaves his room and inspects the halls.....

07:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
The Captain sits at his station as the lieutenant walks up to give report. "Sir, the cook is dead, he died at his station, he was stabbed, there appears to have been a struggle before he died, there are multiple instances of missed blaster shots, I have not told the crew however to keep up moral and to prevent a descent into madness."
The Captain puts his head in his hands, this mission was given to him by the Emperor himself, he can't screw it up. He calls for the stormtroopers who are assigned to the ship.
"You two, be on guard, and did either of you see the chef before he was killed?"
"I was with him in hallway B sir, he bumped into me and spilled a tray."
"Thank you, don't let anyone suspicious out of your sight."
"Understood" the stormtroopers leave
'I hope Iago is safe at least, the boy is a hard worker, and this is his first assignment, it would be a shame if his first was also his last' the Captain thought to himself...

DeltaSource wrote:13:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
Iago and his fellow maintenance crew member sit at a table, eating lunch, they just had simple sandwiches.
"You think it's true that a Makastan spy in on board?"
Iago nods, finishing his bite before answering "I was the first to bring it up, it could be anyone to be honest, I don't know who I trust anymore, I don't want this charade to continue, I wish that this spy would stop messing with us and just show himself...I can't take it."
"Yeah, if there really is one, I'd prefer it if he just killed the captain and tried to take over that way, it'd be a lot more bearable..."
Iago nods as one of the Stormtroopers walks in "You two, your break ends in two minuets, hurry up."
"Come on Kal, we finished our jobs for the day, we deserve a break."
"I'm sure I could talk with the captain to get you some more if you're so eager to have an excessive amount of time to be suspicious."
"That won't be necessary." Iago assures Kal.

19:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
The lieutenant walks up to the captain "Maintenance crew member Vlad Grobshev is dead, he was found on a noose in his quarters."
Iago looks nervous, he was just discussing with the captain about increasing security, and now another dark deed surfaces.
The Captain nods, "Thank you lieutenant. Iago, you are dismissed, please, see to it you are safe."
Iago nods. As he walks to his quarters he feels hands clasp on his shoulders as someone whispers in his ear "The Actor's here, the actor's playing his part." Iago jumped and turned around to see Kal, his helmet off. "Calm down Iago, just having a little fun while I get the only break during my day, stay safe." Kal walks off. Iago rushes to his room, and locks the door.

DeltaSource wrote:23:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
A stormtrooper struggles to get up, he was stabbed in his sleep, his vision blurry, he reaches for his weapon but it's just out of his reach, his attacker mutters something, he can't quite make it out, something about the captain, he needs alert the captain before he is next. the trooper is knocked over the head with something hard, everything goes dark

07:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
The lieutenant walks to the Captain's station and finds it empty. an hour passes, and the lieutenant sees Iago fixing the hyperdrive, it had been struck in the 'night' by another asteroid, those damn things kept hitting the ship, the hefty price of staying completely out of range from Powerian scanners. The lieutenant knocks on the Captain's doors, no answer. He knocks again, no answer. He calls Iago over. "Can you force the door open?"
"Yes sir, I can." Iago gets to work and eventually forces it open, they are both met by a grim sight, the Captain's decapitated body.... Iago shudders, "Another body found...I'm going to be sick from all of this...."
The lieutenant exhales "Iago, I am in charge now, I want you to inform the Stormtroopers of this incident and have them search the ship."
"Yes sir."
5 minuets pass as the lieutenant waits for Iago's return, "Sir, Trooper TK-2190 is dead, stabbed. Tropper TK-2172 is the only one left."
The lieutenant breaths in sharply, this can't be happening....

DeltaSource wrote:14:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
The lieutenant is pacing the halls, Kal is with him, they need to stop the killer before anything else happens. Suddenly the alarm goes off. Kal and the lieutenant rush to the command room to find one of the pilots dead. They both look at each other before they hear a beep from the control board, it appears all escape pods were ejected....now they are trapped, the oxygen has been tampered with as well, leaving them with barely enough to reach Zofia, if they are fortunate enough to live that long. The lieutenant shoves Kal out of the room and locks himself in, maybe he can survive, maybe this is all a bad dream....right? Iago sits with his head in his hands, looking out a window at the stars, he's given up, he will never find the spy...the spy won.....

15:00-Depths of Space-En Route to Zofia
Kal sits next to Iago
"So...the spy, intruder, whatever...it looks like they bailed, though the lieutenant seems to be so frightened he won't let anyone near him. It;s just us Iago."
Iago doesn't respond, he just watches as a shooting star passes by before sighing
"What's on your mind?"
"Kel....I need to confess something before we all die."
"Well, we aren't going to die if we act smartly, but feel free to speak."
"Kal...I-well...I mean...I killed them.....I thought maybe I could solve the problem of the spy, I killed Leonard because he was being suspicious, but then I heard more noises, I heard someone talking about killing...I though I could solve it all, save everyone. I killed them all...the chef, Vlad, Tom....the Captain...the pilots..."
Kal slowly gets up and raises his blaster rifle to Iago's head
"Tell me this is a joke."
"No....just shoot me already if you're going to, but it won't matter."
Suddenly Kal's face contorts as a knife blade goes through him. He gasps before falling. Servetzion looks at her work as Iago turns around and falls out of his seat at the sight of her. "It was you....wasn't it, you were the one there the whole time weren't you?"
"Poor thing...it must have been a lot for you...the last one I did this to just abandoned his post and fled. You actually had to go through everything..."
Iago is breathing heavily...he reaches for his blaster before he is stabbed
"Hush...hush...shhhh....sleep peacefully."
Everything fades away as Iago dies.