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2 YEARS ON NATION STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 YEARS ON NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 YEARS ON NS!!!!!!!!!!
Hello Guys I have been On NS For 2 Years Now and Its Been a Long Ride.
When I was In my First region I went to New Hyperion and just chilling there, Then Someone TG me to go to his region. So I called up and went! I have Been WA delegate for 42 Days and it was very great!!!!
Then. I GOT BANNED FORM THE REGION FOR NO REASON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I saw that The North Pacific was the Most nations on NS. So I went there and met Zazumo,Eraver,Treshmaina,Tommatito
and others (TG me If I Miss some). Over The Years, I met Jodilee Third Soviet Union Shadow Dealer The Second Qing Dynasty The Islands of Tonga
Cisplatinaa Western VapiaAeriliaThe Mike RoctafinserlandDar es Saalam How to get yourself banned from ns East Supple Lund Hong Kong EmpireChristian Confederation
and A LOT MORE THE AND GOOD WA DELEGATES THERE WAS Siwale and McMasterdonia. Love You Two delegates, And after that. GOT BANNED AGAIN.
So I decided to go to the Pacific(And Oh boy This lasted short) .
And Then I saw the people I use to talked with in TNP. and MAN THE REGION WAS ACTIVE!.
I send a alt there and checked again. 1700 Posts in 5 Hours. So I did what I did and moved and became an RO. So There We Here!!!!!!!!! 2 YEARS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No lying at this point. Thank Yall guys for making this a better game. I Really appreciated my Time here. Sometimes I thought that I want to leave NS because, This game is like a drug.
I was not like this VERY active guy here. Anyways. Thank Yall guys.
Peace Out.
-Rwekazaland (I would also like a upvote Pls????????????????????????)