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Three New Ministries LogoFest

Fellow South Pacificans,

As you are likely aware, a split of the Ministry of Regional Affairs recently passed. Starting next Cabinet term, we will have three new ministries: The Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Engagement, and the Ministry of Media. And what do all these Ministries need? Logos! That's why the Ministry of Regional Affairs is going to be hosting a LogoFest, so all South Pacificans, and even our foreign friends, can submit their ideas and concepts for the symbols of the ministries of the future.
How does this work, you ask? Well, it's pretty simple. You submit your ideas and concepts Linkhere, then, the MoRA Graphics team brings ideas to life and touches up concepts. The judging committee will narrow it down to 6 finalists, where a vote will then be conducted via Google Forms on which idea should be adopted for each ministry!

  • Open to everyone: South Pacifican or not!

  • Judging committee consists of Minister of Regional Affairs PenguinPies, Prime Minister North Prarie, Chief Justice Kringalia, Legislator Imperial Dodo, and RP extrordinare Anserisa.

  • Submissions open from 2pm EST today, September 10th, 2020, to 2pm EST September 24, 2020.
    You may submit two ideas/concepts per ministry, maximum - so, 6 logos overall.

  • Winners will be published 2pm EST on September 27, 2020.

  • Ideas and concepts must use some sort of symbolism. Explain your symbolism when submitting.

  • Concepts must adhere to the Universal Design Code, found [https://github.com/The-South-Pacific/tsp-graphics/raw/master/udc.pdf]here[/url].

  • Ideas and concepts must be unique.

  • Ideas and concepts must have no offensive imagery (swastikas, nudity, swearing, etc.)

  • Concepts must be your own work.

  • Questions? DM on Discord at Prarie #2402 or Telegram North Prarie.

We hope to see your best work and ideas - let the LogoFest begin!

Faithfully yours,

North Prarie
Prime Minister of the South Pacific and Regional Affairs Fellow