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Poznámka gdňu večnej suvereniti ďevetnásteho decembra dveťisíc dvacať

Two years ago, Qandaristania came and offered us an integration of Altay as a part of their region Driselbia because we were kinda dead and could no longer sustain a working parliament, or RMB chat etc. Well, since then they have died and attempted to start again, this time as Black Scimitars, a raider region. Today, Altay is still fairly inactive but we have conducted 9 raids, resulting in 5 colonies and 2 protectorates. One of our members even conquered 12 regions with his private raider force. Meanwhile, Black scimitars the raiders have died and were re-founded by someone else, this time as a personal trophy. Nothing remained of their raids or anything else. But we stood on our own, keeping our sovereignty and history, and despite problems and crises we delivered achievements. Compared to what is left of Driselbia, we are overall quite low-budget but we stand firmly on the solid ground instead of lying in a fancy tomb.
Let us salute to all who held on to our home region, setting the stage for our current, and future, successes!