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Three Star Tribune: August 2020 Edition

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August 2020 Edition: G-Summit Scare?
G-Summit Scare? Foreign Monarch Hospitalized In Aziallis

By Polder Eiland, Editor
On the 12th of August, delegations from twenty-five nations gathered in Rusena, the capital of Aziallis. The welcome was followed by a tour of the Institute of Social Sciences and Liberal Arts (ISSLA), and a dinner at Aziallis’ Hossen Palace. The delegations were largely inspired by the sights and sounds of the ISSLA.

Of note during the convention, the Queen of Prei Meas, Ena, fell ill and was quickly rushed to a hospital in Aziallis. She seems to have recovered from critical condition, and it was discovered that she is in fact pregnant. Congratulations and regards from Princess Aseya of Aziallis were reportedly given at the hospital bedside.

Five topics were covered at this summit: education, the environment, energy, healthcare, and freedoms. Of note at the education meeting were addresses from PM Haejin Jeon of Mirae, Rielsa Marsef of Aziallis, and PM Marius Jousma of Polder Eiland. These addresses tended to cover topics such as reform in education, covering of practical educational topics in schools, and access to education.

Of note at the environmental meeting were addresses from Delegate Hwa Eun Hee of Artadal and the PM of Mirae. Topics covered included balancing taxation and the environment, improvements in regulating emissions, and climate education. At the energy meeting, of note were addresses by Chancellor Terisea of New Sebronia and President Wilson Harrison of Foxomexra. The topics discussed included renewable energy solutions, nuclear power, and how to deal with the depletion of energetics resources.

The healthcare meeting was much briefer, marked by a singular address from PM Lōhmmi Tāgār of Gabrielland, which discussed topics such as a global pandemic response and demand for healthcare. The G-Summit was concluded early.

Polder Eiland
The Neferheimer Insurgency: Short, But Impactful

By New Sebronia, Journalist
The Neferheim Insurgency has been an ongoing major event in July and August in the south of Anteria. Royalist Neferheimer insurgents, fighting and killing for the return of the Kingdom of Neferheim, were supported by the country of Jaqinda. This insurgency was fought by the Democratic Republic of Neferheim (DRK), the country of Foxomexra, and the Initiative for Global Peace (IGP). But how and why did all of this occur? What was the trigger?
It started in the middle of June 2020. The Kingdom of Neferheim (KN) was still intact, with a corrupt and human rights violating king as a leader: Sapria Holensburg. On June 16th, the big scandal happened; the execution of 1,200 “traitors”, throwing their corpses on the dump yard. Many nations responded with heavy sanctions and condemnations, one of them being Jaqinda. Jaqinda though refuses to cut ties with the KN like other nations, due to their good military and trade relations. Despite this, Jaqinda announced heavy surveillance of the Kingdom, as well as routine military inspections in Jaqindan territory.

The sanctions hit hard, the already quite undeveloped KN had great losses and suddenly found itself on the verge of collapse. Because of this, the country of Zaravai declared Neferheim as its protectorate for some time, which caused Jaqinda to fully cut ties. As the KN slowly recovered from the sanctions, it decided to end the era of totally state-owned companies and wanted to settle more in the direction of capitalism. The Kingdom also opened for foreign companies to settle in Neferheim. As the pay in Neferheim is extremely low (about 3 ACU a day), many foreign companies showed interest, and instigated business there. Neferheim also decides to demilitarize, discharging 500,000 soldiers from service.

On July 7, Sapria Holensburg got arrested by Neferheimer authorities for crimes against humanity, and got sentenced to prison for life, losing the title of a King. This was the big turning point for Neferheim, as on the next day, the Kingdom falls and the Democratic Republic of Neferheim gets declared. Some days later, the international situation had calmed a bit, and Neferheim established the “Free Corps”, a military organization, mostly consisting of former soldiers. But this calm atmosphere was not to remain for long, as on July 25th, demonstrations started to arise in Jaqinda. They demonstrated for the Neferheimer workers, saying that the DRK and “foreign crows” were exploiting them.

The situation rapidly came to a head, this time because of Jaqindan actions. For (until recently) unknown reasons, Jaqinda started big military maneuvers on its coast, which led to the DRK fearing a possible attack. Due to this, the country of Foxomexra, a huge military power, sent troops to Neferheim, in the interest of securing the country and opposing Jaqinda. On the same day, Sapria Holensburg escaped from Neferheim. It was later learned that he escaped directly to Ateenia, though this was not known at the time. Jaqinda became even more menacing. To oppose Foxomexra and Neferheim, the Jaqindan government started to enlist many citizens and mobilized its forces, ready for war.

The situation halted for a couple of days, with no side taking initiative. On July 31st, however, The “Royal Neferheim Government-in-exile”, came into existence in Jaquinda. This organization consisted of royalist Neferheimer refugees, desiring the return of the KN. But the organization apparently was to be suppressed by Jaqindan security forces.
As no side did anything, being ready for war, and militarizing the coasts, the organization IGP started a preventative mission in Neferheim, not to fight, but to watch over the country and prevent upcoming insurgencies.Those concerns were soon realized.

On the 5th of August, everything suddenly exploded. The Neferheimer government received a video message from royalist insurgents, declaring the establishment of the “Neferheim Royalstadt”, a royalist organization, willing to fight and kill for the return of the Kingdom. On the same day, Royalstadt struck in the city of Casul: 300 Free Corps soldiers encountered 250 royalist insurgents of the Royalstadt, resulting in an hour-long battle in dense forest. The Free Corps suffered casualties of 70 dead and 130 wounded but managed to capture 160 insurgents. The night after, the insurgents managed to conduct a strike against several police stations east of Zedert, killing 54 and taking 25 as hostages, while suffering casualties of 10 men. This was a big shock for the citizens of Neferheim: the insurgency had begun.

To further fan the flames, the Ateenian television streamed the brutal execution of former King Sapria Holensburg, resulting in a world-wide scandal. Not only did this result in heavy sanctions and embargoes on Ateenia, but the insurgents became even angrier and more violent. The insurgency went on, with Royalstadt conducting a bank heist, gaining huge financial resources. Some days after, the Neferheimer military shot down an unauthorized aircraft, apparently belonging to the Jaqindan air force, supplying insurgents in Neferheim with weapons and ammunition. Jaqinda denied the accusations. More and smaller deadly attacks against Free Corps soldiers by Royalstadt convulsed the population even more, so the Neferheimer government decided to offer a peace treaty to Royalstadt, while wanting to seize all hostilities of the insurgents.

Another attack occurred on the outskirts of Zedert, killing 1200 civilians, while the IGP defended the city, killing 200 of the 250 insurgents, which then retreated. But good news: On the same day, the NeferWehr caught 1200 insurgents as well as the royalist leader in the town of Holinas, which surrendered after a firefight, officially ending the insurgency.
Two days after the official end and no other attacks, the DRK asked the IGP to end their mission, reasons were unclear. The IGP did so, retreating all their troops. Although the insurgency official ended, it cannot be made sure that really all insurgents were captured, and Neferheim is still on guard, while trying to repair all the damage done and honor the fallen soldiers with a monument and peace marches in multiple cities, which are to be celebrated with caution.

Polder Eiland
Mustelarian Confederation Formed!

By Tsinkin, Journalist
A few days ago, the Confederation of Mustelaria was formed from the union of Zhousheng and Monte Blanco. Their new capital was proclaimed to be Dumptapolis, on the border of the 2 countries to symbolize unity between the two nations. The unification of the ministries of defence, finance, trade, foreign policies, and the high courts are now taking place as is the election of a new confederal president. On the ceremony on the 24th, monarch Ladimir Chepichkik officially abdicated the claim of the Imperial throne after 158 years in exile. An eye-witness reports that he placed his crown on a wreath of wheat, symbolizing the throne now belonging to the people of the confederation.

The after-party was, perhaps, more interesting than the formation of the Confederation. The eye-witness accounts of the firework filled, drunkenness of the party, and the astounding fact that the Monte Blanco leader, Oleg Zühüman, was asleep for the entire ceremony. An official Mustelarian certificate was handed to Tara Kalinka, the 15 yr old Anteenian diplomat who rides polar bears, for laughably “The most sets of stairs climbed via a sports car.” She frequently mentioned the livestream the Ateenian government played of the “execution”(more likely a cruel hunting game played by Ateenian sadists) of the Former Neferheim king, Sapria. This caused a commotion in the gathering area as foreign leaders argued about the ethicacy of this act, but they were shut up by a loud firework exploding much too close to the rooftop.

Afterwards, to calm the crowd a spirit tasting and smoking party began. A Private reporter who attended the party declined the offerings. Emperor Sofolki of the Lakkatha began playing music from his redtooth speaker that was said to have had “Entire blocks around the party cover their ears out of fear of going deaf”. Tara Kalinka then proceeded to almost cause a fire in the private parking lot after doing a burnout downstairs, this and the rain of accidentally miscalculated trajectories of the numerous fireworks marked the end of the ceremony and after party.

Anterian Sumo Craze: July Basho Fun

By Polder Eiland, Editor
After a cancelled May tournament, the July Grand Sumo Makuuchi Tournament was a highly anticipated event among Anterian sumo fans. While Emi had occupied the between months with lots of sumo facts, for many, this was the first taste of contemporaneous Sumo. The tournament lasted for fifteen days, from July 19th to August 2nd.

The each day’s sumo was streamed in Anteria’s discord at two times, once at noon EDT and once at 6:30 PM EDT, from the online news network “NHK World Japan”. Usually, the tournament on the channel was preceded by a few minutes of a random television show, which attracted a lot of laughter at the randomness of the shows before the tournament on any given day.

Many popular rikishi (sumo wrestlers) were fan favorites in Anteria, including the adorable Tokushoryu, the dynamic Enho, the veteran Yokozuna Hakuho, and the new Ozeki Asanoyama. Wins from these rikishi regularly attracted spamming of “LET’S GO” and “YESSS” in the voice chat text channel. However, all of these fan favorites eventually fell in the tournament to an unexpected winner: Maegashira 17 East Terunofuji.

Terunofuji had climbed his way up the rankings after suffering a losing streak. After telling his trainer he desired to quit, his trainer encouraged him to remain in the tournament. Climbing his way back up to Makuuchi from the second-lowest division (Jonidan), Terunofuji clinched a major victory late in the tournament against Asanoyama, when both at the time were at 11-1. Additionally, both Yokozuna (the highest rank) had dropped out due to injuries earlier in the tournament. All of this set the stage for his incredible 13-2 tournament win.

Which Anterians did the best at predicting who would win the various tournament matches? Hatstheput and Lesser Velutaria both won first place, getting 47 points each, followed by Shadoveil, with 44, followed by Takura (a friend from Karma), with 43. The median amount of points was 40. Each of the top four predictors got various trophies.

A Trip To Caer Sidi: An Interview With Aynia

By Polder Eiland, Editor
Polder Eiland: I am pleased today to be talking to Aynia, the founder of Caer Sidi, a wonderful region that Anteria happens to have embassies with! Aynia, what is the general theme of Caer Sidi, for those of our readers who are unaware?

Aynia: The general theme of CS is Celtic Medieval High Fantasy :3

P: What would you say inspired you to found Caer Sidi?

A: The biggest inspirations for making Caer Sidi were fantasy books such as Tolkien, Pratchett, George R. R. Martin, and Tad Williams. I love worldbuilding and lore crafting, and these authors are incredible at both of those. We also really drew a lot of inspiration from Irish/Celtic mythology as we found it really interesting and it wasn't something that you saw widely done on NS.

P: What do you like most about the community of CS as you’ve cultivated it?

A: The friendly community. We have some of the best people in the game, in my humble opinion, and they're always so willing to help out and lend an ear when you need one.

P: What is one thing you are working on changing?

A: One thing I've been working on changing is how deeply involved I have been. There comes a time when you realize that it's ok to cut the apron strings, and I really think we've got some amazing leaders in our community that give me the opportunity to step back and give them the chance to step up and really shine.

P: Part of your legislature is dedicated to RP. How does that legislature make laws for the RP, and how do RPers respond to/suggest mandates from that legislature?

A: One half of the Oireachtas, our legislative branch, is House Baile, and is dedicated to discussing and voting on roleplay legislation. Baile is comprised of all citizens and both houses are led by the Orator. Any citizen can propose legislation for discussion, and all citizens may vote on legislation. This makes it interesting because not all citizens may be directly involved in the roleplay, but still have influence over laws that may affect the holdfasts (basically in character nations within Caer Sidi).

P: What are some reasons foreigners might want to join your discord server and participate in activities there?

A: There are lots of reasons! We have regular game nights and voice chats, and our general chat pretty much always has something going on. We have self assignable game roles, so you can get pings for your favourite game nights, or even pings when organized voice chats are happening. Besides that, we have a wonderful community full of some of the nicest and most welcoming people I've ever met on NS!

P: What is some advice you have for regional leaders?

A: I think if I could pass on one kernel that I've learned in my six and half years here, it'd be to approach things with diplomacy and grace. I think if more people took that approach we'd have a much smoother time working together in all aspects. Be mindful of the individual behind the screen, and work with them respectfully as individuals. You need a strong team to run a region, you can't do it alone. And you need a strong foundation to run a team. Also glitter is better than confetti, period.

P: Recently you had a run-in with some server destruction due to a rogue user. How can admin teams ensure safety from these attacks, in your opinion?

A: Strict ic ooc divide. Don't give your ic roles out of character permission sets. Our issue we ran into was we had a line of extremely trustworthy people who had gotten some extra permissions, because they were trusted with them. Those perms weren't checked and rolled over to someone a little less trustworthy. This was a reality check for us not to get complacent, and to keep that divide between our administration and our elected ic officials. We also are in the process of moving to a more secure forum, though that isn't always an option for all regions. But pay attention to your forum host and know your backup options in case of an emergency. Another thing that really helped us out was August's Moose bot. It helped us restore pretty much all of our discord server within a couple of hours, and we now regularly back up the discord server with it just in case.

P: One last question: Which color of glitter is best?

A: Holo glitter is best glitter. It gives you every colour!

P: Thank you so much for taking the time for this interview, Aynia! Be sure to check out Aynia's region, Caer Sidi, and give them a visit!

How To Stay Chili In The Summer: An Anterian Recipe

By Tsinkin, Journalist

The following is a recipe for Tsinkinese Chili.
1 pound ground bison
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 pinch cayenne pepper, or to taste
½ cup diced green chiles
½ cup diced tomatoes
1 cup of tomato soup
½ cup crushed pine nuts
½ cup wild onion, chopped
½ teaspoon minced garlic
1 Anaheim chile pepper, chopped
1 poblano chile pepper, chopped
2 tablespoons chili powder
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon of Juniper Ash
Salt and pepper

Set a large stock pot on the stove, and turn the heat to medium.
Add the onion and cook for five minutes.
Add the bison and cook for seven minutes.
Add the cumin and cayenne, and mix well.
Add the tomato soup, crushed pine nuts, minced garlic, and the peppers.
Add the chili powder, juniper ash, and red pepper flakes.
Simmer for 25 minutes. As it simmers, add salt and pepper to taste.

Blast From The Past: AnteriaBall Comics!

By Nerany, Compiled By Polder Eiland
Monthly Statistics for August
Compiled by Confederation of TESDAI



Delegate Endorsements

Total Endorsements

Total Influence

Discord Messages

August 01

336 (+18)

88 (-1)

2,476 (-287)

603,456 (+15,604)

28,863 (0)

August 08

328 (-8)

89 (+1)

2,371 (-105)

628,776 (+25,320)

30,309 (+1,446)

August 15

330 (+2)

88 (-1)

2,349 (-22)

646,800 (+18,024)

21,475 (-8,834)

August 22

336 (+6)

89 (+1)

2,590 (+241)

698,880 (+52,080)

19,886 (-1,589)

August 29

333 (-3)

91 (+2)

2,537 (-53)

729,836 (+30,956)

27,678 (+7,792)

Top Recruiters this Month

  1. Plattinum: 12,739 → 19,966 (+7,227)

  2. The Byrdlands: 3,546 → 4,909 (+1,363)

  3. Hatstheput: 5,060 → 5,519 (+459)

  4. Polder Eiland: 380 → 635 (+255)

  5. Shadoveil: 242 → 343 (+101)

    Special thanks to Prybourne for also using stamps to recruit.
    Nations credited for recruiting from the CSC Recruitment Leaderboard

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