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Draft region rules

General Orientation and Code of Conduct

1. The Radical Governments Authright [hereafter, RGA] provisionally welcomes all members regardless of their orientation, ideological affiliation, or internal domestic arrangements. We wish to see our region thrive, and we hope our member states have fun!

2. Member states are welcome to join as provisional members regardless of their internal organization or ideological orientation.

3. The region shall be governed by its officers.

4. The offices of our region include: Founder, Delegate to the World Assembly; Vice-Delegate to the World Assembly; Diplomatic Officer for International Relations; Vice-Diplomatic Officer for International Relations; International Border Security Officer; Vice-Security Officer; Senior Research Officer; Research Officer; Junior Research Officer.

5. Rights and Obligations of member states:

a. Member states, their leaders and governments, have absolute freedom of opinion and conscience.
b. Member states wishing to propose policies or policy changes to the region leadership are encouraged to do so.
c. Such proposals should be posted to the Regional Message Board [RMB]. Member states shall be free to comment on draft rules or proposals. Proposals will be left on the message board for at least one day for general comment.
d. After the general comment period, decisions on proposed rules will be made by the relevant officer. e. Each officer shall make decisions within her/his own portfolio. Senior officers shall take precedence over junior officers.
f. In the event that a proposed rule potentially falls within the portfolio of multiple officers, the founder shall designate which officer has precedence.
g. The founder shall have the right to review all new rules, and may veto said rules.

[more coming soon!]