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Iíve learned a couple of things.
My previous Prime Minister campaign promised a lot; thatís not bad, per se, but donít promise this and that when you donít know the work is actually done. Donít promise big things with a big theme when you havenít actually been active in the theme youíre acting like youíre the messenger for.
In the past 2 months or so, Iíve been getting my hands dirty. Iíve seen how the Cabinet functions first hand. Iíve been active in the SPSF, learning the ropes of the roots of defenderism, including participating in the operation to liberate our friends in South Pacific. Iíve been advising the MoFA on gameplay happenings, seeing what itís like to be in the room where it happens when policy is being made.
Iíve been doing the work, so when I promise something, itís not an empty promise. I know how difficult itíll be to get there.
So thatís a conclusion I hope youíll take from this campaign - when I say Iíll do something, Iím not saying it because it sounds cool. Iím saying it because I know that we can do it.

Transparency and Commmunication

I think that LinkGlenís campaign for Prime Minister in June of 2018 promised transparency like it should be. I think many of his ideas can be applied now, too. And thatís why, even though iím only serving for about half a term, Iíll seek to set a precedent for Prime Ministers by releasing a coherent Cabinet Agenda with the Assembly, a list of things that we will seek to do in the remainder of the term and how weíll accomplish them. Iíll also make sure to update the Assembly about the negotiations and politics that happen away from the Assemblyís view when it shouldnít be. The Assembly deserves to have their voices heard on these matters.
The communication work this Cabinet term has, frankly, been dreadful. And if you talk to any Cabinet minister, theyíll admit that. The region deserves to know what the Cabinet is doing to better our community. Thatís why communication and transparency is important. Iíll do this by posting a Cabinet Agenda at the start of my term, making weekly Cabinet Twitter posts, and badgering the Ministers to release updates and reports on time.
Also: Sunshine Act releases! Yay! Iíll do them on time! If I donít, then, uhh, slap me. Each one of you. Publicly. In the #legislators-lounge. Please do.

Things We Can Do

While we are halfway through the term already, there is so much more the Cabinet can do. While what each Ministry does is up to the Ministers to decide, here are some things Iíd like to see done:

Feel free to post them in this thread, or send me a TG, Forum PM, or DM on Discord at Prarie #2402.
Letís win this election. #Prarie4PM.

Current Positions:
Legislator in the South Pacific
Deputy Chair of the Assembly of the South Pacific
Secretary of State to the North Pacific, Europeia, Europe, and the IDU in the South Pacific
Junior Cabinet Member in the South Pacific
Soldier in the South Pacific Special Forces
Ministry of Regional Affairs Fellow in the South Pacific
Citizen of Thalassia
Staff writer for NationStates Today
Member of the Asteorra Family
Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Allied Republic
Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Allied Republic
FA Team Member in Osiris
Editor and Governor for NationStates Today
Minister of Foreign Affairs for Gucci RP
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