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Project Yokozuna

The Security Council,

Exuberant of Emira Emi of Emiline’s role as an Administrator in the Augustin Alliance,

Applauding Emiline’s law enforcement and strategic planning in member regions of the Augustin Alliance, which has perpetuated the flourishing of the regions therein, even after the recent decline in activity of the alliance's founder August,

Recognizing Emiline’s role as administrator in the NSLeaders community, which helps to inspire and connect regional leaders from around the world,

Impressed that Emiline has been instrumental in ensuring the success and safety of the Augustin Alliance during annual nuclear conflict, known to the world as N-Day, in the following ways:

Noting Emiline’s control of the nations of Zhengan and Prybourne,

Celebrating Zhengan’s role as founder of Anteria for five years,

Awestruck by Prybourne’s central role in:

Desiring to celebrate exemplary long-term success in constructing and maintaining regions and interregional alliances,

Hereby COMMENDS Emiline.

Co-authored by DiRito-Opolis, The Byrdlands, and Lesser Velutaria.