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Rules of the Region.

Section 1: Regional Message Board
1-1: Do not spam on the RMB. Not only in this region, but for other regions. They know it is annoying.
1-2: Do not recruit RMB. Our goal is to have the most people in a region.
1-3: Do not say hateful things on the RMB about this region, since that is an offense of the Empire, or other people since you would hurt their feelings.
1-4: If the NS Mods come, respect them and follow the rules.

Section 2: Officers
2-1: There shall be a maximum of 13 officers, including WA Delegate.
2-2: The WA Delegate shall title it's self whatever it wants as long as the founder proves it.
2-3: Officers must be active or face being dismissed.
2-4: Officers must also not be in another region (Besides Openo) or face latter rule.

Section 3: World Assembly.
3-1: All WA Citizens shall endorse the Delegate.
3-2: The maximum amount of endorsements a citizen can have are half of the WA Delegate's endorsements.
3-3: Do not have more than 1 WA Account. We will report you to the mods.
3-4: If you are a raider and become WA Delegate, we will ban you immediately.

Section 4: Embassies
4-1: All embassy officers accepted, except for hateful ones.
4-2: If you are an embassy person doing anything bad, we will ban you from the region.
4-3: If this activity continues, affective immediately, we will close embassies.
4-4: Embassies are free to post news if they have to.

Section 5: ??????????
More Rules Shall Come Soon.