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Basic Information

Full Name of Nation: The Protectorate of Paffnia
Short Name: Paffnia
National Demonym: Paffniac
Plural Demonym: Paffniacs
Demonym Adjective: Paffniac
Motto: "Iuvans illos qui auxilium requirunt" (roughly "Helping those who need help")
Founded: November 3, 2010
Capital: Skoptopolis
Currency: paffnar (subdivided into 100 ajehs)
Color: scarlet
National Animal: llama
Leader: Aleksandar Vekili
Ethnic Groups: Paffnians (76%), Vardinyans (18%), other (6%)
Languages: Paffnian (which is divided into the standard dialect and the Vardinyan dialect)

The Protectorate of Paffnia