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Dolly's top ten NATIONS (OUTDATED)

Hi Dolly here! Yes I know this is my second dispatch in three days but this is important. I noticed a trend that some people were doing where you list your top 10 regions in a dispatch. Well I decided to do something new and list my top nations, because there are a lot more nations than regions in this game. Well, here we go!

#10 Western Fardelshufflestein Theyre really funny and a friend on the forums, but what I love most about this nation is all the memes of Kenneth Branagh and others!

#9 Team Lennox/Team leo A nice person who has helped me a lot with defending and on the forums and TWP member too!

#8 The Gold Mines The founder of Just relax and frequent poster on the Wooloo Pact RMB yes I know we had some struggles but we are now okay!

#7 Deruuu Nooooooooooooooo A very funny meme nation and one of my first allies in XKI and they still are on the forums! Now in BCK (Almost put Drew here xD)

#6 Mathuvan Union Had a falling out

#5 Valentine Z Really nice and loves cats, voted for her HIM in April and still a huge fan/supporter on the forums!

#4 North American Imperial State: Nice boi who is really active on the Wooloo Pact RMB and the delegate that really helps with keeping the peace so... 4 i guess? Btw sorry I forgot you the first time also is a big ally

#3 Haivon They were the first nation I met so we were close allies in XKI, they got me into space and taught me about roleplay. One of the biggest things I miss about XKI is them!

#2 New wilsy RIP wilsy f in chat

#1 Dominioan Really nice person, one of the first nations I met, the founder of my region, and always there for me, enough said. Easy choice for #1!