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Democratic Defense Coalition

Official Flag of the DDC


The Democratic Defense Coalition (DDC) is a bilateral, mutual-action alliance that seeks to strengthen the democratic nations of UEC involved in an efficient and cooperative manner.


-To provide for a peaceful regional climate through the promotion of strong, reliable, and cohesive military agreements.

-To reduce inefficiencies through the seeking out of natural economic, military, humanitarian, and political synergies.


-DDC members exchange intelligence information to better conduct military, anti-terrorism, and anti-pirating actions.

-DDC members will protect other members during time of war unless voted against by their respective representatives.

-DDC members engage in cooperative military training and military research.

-DDC members share, reside in, and secure military bases, both foreign and domestic, during times of training or war.

-DDC members exchange embassies in major cities, conduct ambassadorial and state visits, and set up a structure of liaisons.