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Trade Details of the Korean Empire (EVERYBODY PLEASE READ)

Trade Alliances and Major Exports of the Korean Empire

The Korean Empire has traditionally never been a massive exporter of goods. However, due to recent developments in factory making, it is now possible to mass-produce goods in a short period of time, leading to better export potential. Here are the major trades and exports of the Korean Empire.

Map of the Korean Empire's Trading Partners:

Major Exports:
- Porcelain
- Rice
- Coal, iron, and other natural resources
- Lumber
- Vegetables
- Paper and ink
- Seafood
- Gunpowder
- Rifles and bullets
- Pork and beef
- Bricks
- Stone
- Spices like salt, pepper, and ground bell peppers
- Weapons like swords and daggers
- Explosives

Major Trading Partners:
1) Danto and Dantoan Russia
2) Tokyo Free State
3) Minskiev
4) Southeastern Asia
5) Qing China

Major Imports of the Korean Empire:
- Textiles
- Wheat and flour
- Clay
- Bamboo
- Giewa (roof tiles)
- Paint
- Jewelry
- Knowlege
- Maps
- Land-based animals like bison or cows
- Glass
- Advanced foregin weaponry
- Fruits and vegetables
- Lumber (usually Oak or Acadia)
- Silk and silkworms
- Copper and zinc
- Spring roll wraps (:D)

Major Consumers of Korean Goods:
1) Dantoan Russia
2) Qing China
3) Tokyo Free State
4) Minskiev
5) Southeast Asia
6) Poland-Lithauania (through Dantoan Russia)

We need this type of factbook showing every country's biggest exports and imports. This is very important to the RP. For this reason, I ask that every country make a factbook, similar to mine, that shows their major imports and exports. Thanks.