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Battle of Bacat

The Battle of Bacat was the final battle of the Waroklionian-Brasilistani War, Waroklionian troops entered the city after demolishing all resistance in the south, Bacat was the capital of Brasilistan and the Waroklionian’s knew the nation would surrender if the capital was taken due to northern pressure from the troops of New Cryos. Before the battle Waroklionian artillery was used to destroy the majority of the Brasilistani troops, after this 3 Waroklionian tank divisions and 10 infantry divisions were sent in to mop up all remaining resistance, within 3 hours the city was captured and Brasilistan surrendered. In the peace deal Bacat was within the territory designated for Waroklion, making it the fifth largest city within the nation.

Casualties: Waroklion: 2000 dead, 3000 injured. Brasilistan: 20,000 dead, 50,000 injured.