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WA Ambassador: Rosilde Lisell

The Most Honourable
Rosilde Lisell
Marchioness of Lisvale

Imperial Ambassador to the World Assembly

Assumed office
August 6, 2020

Monarch: Robert Peter I

Prime Minister: Charlane Karlerat

Preceded by: None

Personal details

Born: 9 March, 1962

Spouse: Dame Sopheia Sinda Lisell

Children: 2

Residence: Lisvale Castle, Lisvale (infrequently)

Alma mater: Imperial University of St. Robertsburg

Rosilde Lisell

Rosilde Selene Lisell of Lisvale (born 9 March 1962) is the primary ambassador to the World Assembly from the Imperial State of Great Robertia, as such being the head of the diplomatic mission to the WA as dispatched by the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. Lisell also holds the title Marchioness of Lisvale and accompanying privileges, yet has delegated the stewardship of Lisvale Castle and its adjacent lands to her wife Dame Sopheia Sinda Lisell, as a result of her diplomatic duties to Great Robertia. Along with her spouse, Lisell has two adult children, who have been conceived through stem cell therapy and IVF procedures. This was a notable event, considering the Marchioness and her wife had been the first among the nobility of Great Robertia to have produced offspring through this method, despite the fact these medical procedures had been commonplace among the general populace. Since then, LGBTQ+ acceptance has grown significantly among the imperial nobility, with Lisell and her spouse becoming celebrated figureheads for the movement's presence in Great Robertia.

The Marchioness is most known for successfully leading the ambassadorial mission to the Royal Commonwealth of Daarwyrth and maintaining relations between the two countries for nearly two decades. Lisell's other notable diplomatic achievements include an ambassadorial posting to the mercantile republic of Nicese, negotiating the surrender of the Kylurian secessionists in 1991 and representing Great Robertia's interests during the Economic Crisis Management Assembly of 1998, during which she successfully spearheaded the Imperial State's endeavor to found the Geldrian Trade Association. It was this last achievement that had earned Lisell her prestigious posting to Daarwyrth, which had begun to open its borders to minimal foreign relations at that time. Having taken all of this under consideration, Emperor Robert Peter I had deemed the Marchioness to be the most suitable candidate to represent Great Robertia's best interests in the World Assembly, after he had formally decided to have his nation join this august body in 2020.

Lisell is considered by many to be a kind-hearted, open-minded and warm individual, albeit being capable of standing firm in the face of adversity. She is known for her tempered nature, which can easily turn frigid and hard should circumstances require such an approach. Her friends and supporters praise her for her seemingly never-ending optimism and hopefulness, while her enemies respect her sharp tongue and shrewd mind.