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The Balgariian Embassy Program

The Ministry of International Affairs of the People's Republic of Balgariia,under the supervision of the President of the People's Republic of Bulgaria Alexandr Stoyanov,opens this Diplomatic Embassy Program with the final goal to establish beneficial relations between the People's Republic of Balgariia and the nations interested in establishing diplomatic ties with our government.

In order to apply for an embassy in Balgariia,please fill the following form:

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Embassy application form

National Information:
- Official Name of your nation:
- Short name or/and acronym(s):
- Government type:
- Head of State:
- Head of Government:
- Minister of Foreign Affairs or equivalent:

Ambassadorial Information:
- Ambassador's name:
- Ambassador's family (if any):
- Are there any health of security issues local authorities should be alerted of?

Locational Information:
- If you wish to establish an embassy in the capitalcity of Sofia, why and where?:
- If you wish to establish an embassy in a city outside of the capital city of Sofia, why and where?:

Staff and Equipment Information:
Please remember armed/military vehicles, machine guns, explosives and armor-piercing weapons are prohibited.

- Diplomatic Staff: (max 40)
- Security Staff: (max 20)
- Service Staff: (max 20)
- Will you be hiring from within Balgariia?

The only weapons allowed within Balgariia for diplomatic mission staff are pistols, submachine guns, melee weapons, and weapons that use electricity or pellets to incapacitate.
- Number and Type of Weapons:
- Number and Type of Vehicles:

- Would you agree to Balgariia opening an embassy in your country?
- Do you have any special requests?
- Would you like to enter into trade/treaty talks?
- Would you like to enter into military cooperation talks?
- Is there any additional information we should know?
- Please declare any drugs, alcohol, animals or plants you are bringing into the country.


When you have sucessfuly submitted the form,you should await it's approval. We will send a notification telegram and a post on this thread when our response is ready.

There are three possibilities of acceptance:
-ACCEPTED without comments;
-ACCEPTED if REQUESTED information is presented;
-ACCEPTED if one or more points are changed;
-DENIED because of...


-5("Extremely hostile")
-6("In Conflict")

Embassies of foreign countries in Bulgaria:
-Port Spratly-(+2)
-Free Stalliongrad-(+2)
-Union of Rossiya-(+2)
-Astares Amauricanum-(+2)
-New Goldman-(+2)
Bulgarian embassies abroad:
-Free Stalliongrad-
-Astares Amauricanum-