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The North Pacific World Fight Tournament (TNPWFT)

note: this isn't an official thing yet so expect this to get updated very soon
also i now realised i'm really not good at making these XD
date:not confirmed yet
The North Pacific World Fight Tournament
Its a wrestling match that will be happening in TNP with the scope of enterntainment
Nations that joined the TNPWFT will send their best fighters to defeat the others, gain the TNPWFT belt and bring pride to their nation

If you wanna know more click the spoiler below:

the event will most likely be roleplay thing that will occure in the rmb and every match will be shared in three rounds each round will be 3 minutes and the jury will decide wich fighter made the decisive move, there would also be a voting sistem for the nations that are or aren't in the tournament the nations will be able to vote the fighter that they think will win
The voting poll: not featured yet

If you wanna make an submission just TG me your fighter's: name (stage name if you want too), age, height and weight if you want you can add a little description about them too
List of nations that are confirmed in TNPWFT:
Confirmed fighters:

-The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg:
Name: Alexander Gustafsson
Age: 33
Height: 1.96
Weight: 108 kg
Name: Züch Hölltan
Age: 45
Height: 1.90
Weight: 83 kg
Name: Matthew Jones
Age: 34
Height: 6.11
Weight: 94 kg
-Republica Guilleana
Name: Carlos Parra
Age: 26
Height: 1.69
Weight: 83 kg
-Florida people
Name: Carl Fredricksen
Age: 78
Weight: 120 lb
Height: 5.4
Name: Ethan "Stoneman" Hanssen
Age: 47
Height: 173.32 metres
Weight: 63.2 kg
Name: unknown
Age: unknown
Weight: unknown
Height: unknown


1.your fighter can't be too fat or tall
2.no cheating or godmodding when the action will take place
3.if you don't submit your fighter before the constest you will most likely be removed
4.i've forgot :/