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Polder Eiland for Director of Media

Who are you?

Hi! I'm Jinkies, the player behind Polder Eiland! I've been on NationStates for 7 years now! (I know, a long time) and I'm excited to be in Anteria this time around!

What are you running for?

I'm running for Anteria's Director of Media position, challenging current holder Confederation of TESDAI

Why are you running?

I want to:
  • Revamp the Media Director position

  • Create another place for people to become involved in Anteria

  • Make sure members and foreign allies know about cool things happening in Anteria

  • Work with those already recruiting to make our recruitment more effective

When will I be able to tell you're doing your job?
  1. One Month Goals:

    1. Establish Monthly Newspaper

    2. Establish system of allowing members to write for newspaper

    3. Get my average recruitment to 2 hr/day

    4. Work with top recruiters to craft new default recruitment telegram

  2. Three Month Goals:

    1. At least 5 articles per newspaper issue

    2. At least 3 writers for the newspaper

    3. 430 nations

Where have you gotten your experience?
  • Ran regional RP newsletter in Cynosure as Councillor of Internal Affairs

  • Published monthly updates in Grand Central as MoFA

  • Published monthly updates and did weekly news podcasts in Conch Kingdom as MoFA

  • Published monthly updates for the Augustin Alliance as CSC Media Officer

  • Have done recruitment for multiple regions, including Anteria