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Lorania Master Dispatch

For New Players

Welcome to Lorania - A beginner's guide
This is very useful if you are new to NationStates and outlines the first few steps that a new player should take after joining the region.
NationStates Guide
While not specifically about Lorania, this is one of the most popular and detailed guides for new players (and sometimes even for more experienced players, but I feel it's more helpful for new players)
References/Guides for all residents

A guide to Loranian elections
Useful for those trying to understand how Loranian elections work or for players who are intending or are currently running a campaign.
The Loranian Political System
This dispatch details what type of government Lorania is, the different branches of government, and the positions within them.
NS sites and Utilities
Not about Lorania, but includes links to several different sites that can be helpful for players, such as flag-makers and political compasses.
Culture/Regional Activities

Lorania Flag Contest
Organized by Seven Seas, this was a contest to design the best flag. This ended a while back.
Loranian RP Map
By Ogliacia, this is a dispatch that contains map claims for the Loranian RP, alongside information about the Loranian RP.
RP Regulations
Made by the RP organiser Ogliacia, this sets out the rules for the Loranian RP.
Loranian RP Region
The region where the Loranian RP takes place.
Regional News

The Loranian Times: Issue #4, Issue #5, Issue #6, Issue #7Modern Loranian Times Articles
The Loranian Times is an independent newspaper set up by Seven Seas. It is now run by Ogliacia, who also accepts articles written by Loranian residents.
The Lorania Broadcasting Corportation
The Loranian Broadcasting Corporation was Lorania's official news broadcaster, set up by one of the founders, Stolkland. Nowadays, the dispatches from this nation are more useful for looking back at the early history of Lorania.
Other Links

Lorania's NS Forum Thread
Mainly used to update the rest of the NS world outside of Lorania on regional happenings.

Lorania Law Archive
The Lorania law archive is an archive of all bills and amendments brought to the House of Commons, whether they passed or failed, and which way each MP voted on that motion.
Lorania Court Case Archive