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Letter by Octavius

Dear Maria,

If you are reading this, then Iím no longer on this World, but in the Heavenly one. Do not worry about my soul dear, for I have had a good life, in part thanks to you. You have always been a great friend of mine, maybe even more than that. You have always produced great fondness and happiness in my heart, and even if we didn't do great as a couple, my love for you has probably been the sincerest one. You are like a sister to me and the flames of affection for you aren't extinguished in my heart. I have always deeply admired you and I think you are a great girl. My last words. (If I am allowed to have such) will be for you, my parents and my sisters. Maria, don't cry when you finally read this letter, for I'll be with God and with my mother. I will wait for you in Heaven and I will keep my fire for you for all eternity, and in the temple of Celestial Love, we shall finally meet again dear

Votre Ami


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