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Upside Down Land


Strange Adventure

The land, home to the windmill, was right side up, until one night, everything turned upside down.

Nevertheless, Upside down land might be upside down monster that officially attacks you.

"James, I need your help, I entered the strange cave and that's the upside down monster." said Alvin.

"Actually, I going to see whats going on in the cave." said James.

4 hours later.....

"Oh no.... The cave turned upside down, what's next, the buildings." said Alvin.

"Hey, James, do you want to join my team?" said Dave.

"Yes, I want to join." said James.

"Emma is coming.... and this is a girl." said Emma.


On next day, something mysterious happens, Upside down land turned the sky into the night sky with full moon, after the full moon goes to different way, this video goes viral in nationwide, this video about to reach to the worldwide web, and after this video goes nationwide, it goes worldwide web.... James checked the video that has million views, and watched the video.

"Oh my god, I saw that, the visit on the cave is reaching worldwide." said James.

"I'm according to video, that it may cause degenerative images." said Alvin.

5 years after the upside down incident is over

"Phew.... That's over." said James.

"I know, but I have to go to test the potion." said Dave.

"We saved the world from the upside down incident." said the girl twins.

"Oh, thank you, for saving the world, youngsters." said the adult.

So, the world is saved from upside down land incident of 2024, maybe the future will be better without upside down incident.