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Hierarchy | Segregation

This document has been nullified The Schutzenstag in favor of new proposals.
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The government is a parliamentary republic elected by the people and is considered to have the highest authority in the country. However, the higher a person is up the hierarchy the less authority the government has that person.

The military operates semi-independently with only minor restrictions placed upon it by the government. Every individual soldier is classified as legally dead meaning it's difficult for veteran to live in Cauva, however during time in service this is a perk as you're held to less legal standards. The military is mostly made up of the middle class who see military service as an oppertunity to boost their living standards.

High Class
The high class is made up of almost exclusively white Cauvans with the minority of foreigners coming from friendly countries such as Rilandse. It's easier to get into government as a high class citizen however it's not impossibe for a middle class citizen. Most high class are business owners or at least in a high position at major corporations.

Middle Class
The middle class, while still being very white, has a sizeable population of minorities. Although they are considered middle class minorities are generally grouped into a subcategory between middle class and ostracized. Middle class citizens don't enjoy as fine luxuries as the high class however they can still run for office and have a pleasant life.

Any person living in Cauva can be declared ostracized by the government, making them legally governmental property. A common way to get ostracized is to go into extreme amounts of debt with no way to pay it back. Some consider them slaves to the government however they still do retain some freedoms.

Anyone who illegally enters Cauva will be considered undesirable. They have no rights and it's not considered murder or theft to kill or steal from them.

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