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Photos of New Transeurasia

A view at street level, of part of a suburb in Toyohara, Karafuto province. Most of NT's cities look like this, though usually with much taller buildings.

A 2031 Honda Acty-H. The minivan design of cars is the most popular design of family cars in NT, as families in NT typically have 3-6 children. The design is usually either electric or has a hydrogen combustion engine, and is popular because of its affordability, usually around 75,000 Rubles(6,250 NSD) for one new.

A commuter train in the outskirts of Chángchūn, operated by Jílín Rail.

Skyline of Ikša, a suburb of Moscow, from a hotel room roughly 490m above the ground. The view is towards the east, meaning skylines of 2 other suburbs of Moscow, Morozovo and Golnišševo, are visible in the background.

View of Lytkarino, a suburb of Moscow, from a helicopter along the Moscow River.

Street level in Dmitrovskij, one of the few suburbs of Moscow still within the boundaries of Central Moscow.

A 2032 Volkswagen Jetta Electron. The VW Jetta Electron is one of the most popular cars in NT, mostly due to its cheapness. A new one costs around 68,300 Rubles(5,700 NSD).