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Recipients of Awards, Honors, and Medals

Recipients: Emperor Alpha Wolf, King Apostate, Queen Ephiny

The Black Cross of the Wolf
The Black Cross is awarded to the highest members of the Monarchy upon their ascension. It can also be awarded at the
discretion of the Emperor only, for outstanding contributions to military, clandestine, or civil contributions to
The Wolf Clan.

Recipient: Queen Ephiny

Order of the Felled Prey
This is the highest award for military or clandestine pack members. It signifies at the minimum, the recipient has
completed 50 operations successfully for The Wolf Clan. A recipient must also be a member of the knighthood to earn this symbol of
bravery, courage and honor.

Recipients: The wolf federation, Apostate

The Red Rose
The Red Rose is awarded to members of The Wolf Clan that have shown dedication, honor, and consistent creativity to the
regions cultural or social organization. It is the highest cultural and diplomatic medal that can be earned.

Recipients: Lycanberg, Galrythia, The United Federation of Amestris, Knot again, Puetavisa, The wolf federation

Ministry Medal
This medal is awarded to members of The Wolf Clan who serve as a Minister Level position actively for 6 or more consecutive months.

Recipients: Tesfff, The United Federation of Amestris, Deuctland

Medal of Knighthood
This gold medal is awarded when a member of The Wolf Clan is anointed a knight.

Recipients: Alpha Wolf,Apostate,Ephiny,Puetavisa, Aaraksburg.

Medal of Bravery
The Medal of Bravery is awarded for pack members that have successfully completed 25 military or clandestine operations for The Wolf Clan.

Recipient:Alpha Wolf

Recruiting Medal
The recruiting medal is awarded to a wolf clan member whom recruits 3 or more individual nations to the region.

Recipients: Alpha Wolf, Apostate, Ephiny, Puetavisa, Lycanberg, The United Federation of Amestris

War Medal
This medal will be awarded after 10 Completed military or clandestine operations.

Recipients: Puetavisa

Ambassador of The Wolf Clan
The medal for Ambassadors is awarded after 3 or more months of consistent service in the foreign ministry.

Recipients: Sports Manager,Aaraksburg,TesfffThe United Federation of Amestris,Dog manCarstantinopipal, Holy Roman Empires2

Medal of the Wolf
This General Service Medal can be awarded for diplomatic, cultural, military, or clandestine reasons deemed to be
deserving of recognition by The Emperor, King or Queen.

Recipients:Alpha Wolf, Apostate, Ephiny, Puetavisa, Lycanberg, Galrythia, The United Federation of Amestris, Tesfff, The wolf federation, Hells Saints

Warrior Medal
This medal is awarded after the first successfully completed mission of either a military or clandestine mission for The Wolf Clan.

Recipients: Alpha Wolf, Dog man, Apostate, Knot again

Recruitment Medal
This medal is awarded when a member of The Wolf Clan recruits another nation to join the wolf-pack

Recipients: Alpha Wolf, Tesfff, Ephiny, Puetavisa, Apostate, Lycanberg, Galrythia, The United Federation of Amestris, Knot again, Freed Bavaria, Sports Manager, Lycanhold,Araksburg, Dog man, Notabotia, The wolf federation.

Talisman of the Pack
The Talisman signifies not only contributions that benefit the region but also serves to identify you as
an active member of a ministry.

Recipients: Alpha Wolf, Rezland, Gothic Vandelia.

Silver Wolf Medal
Awarded to winners of the War Games. Can only be awarded once.

Recipient: Palractus, Gothic Vandelia.

Foreigner's Medal
This medal is the only decoration that can be awarded to non-Wolf Clan members. It can be earned through
meritorious service to the region in any way, and can be bestowed by any of the high nobles.

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