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Allirian Kingdom Culture

Allirian Culture

The Allirians are very much known for their government organization, law enforcement, and military. However, throughout history this devoted warrior race has sought to form marvelous parts of their nations culture to escape from the serious realm of this unitary state. As the Allirian Union stood isolated and shelled from the outside world until rather recent times, Allirians within have bonded together beneath the iron fist of the Almighty Government. Allirian culture has created a tight-nit society which holds love and gratitude to their most cherished fertile Iron Land;

Gothicism: As the Allirians developed throughout the iron age, they developed gothic aspects in architecture, style, writing, and of course, art. Before this medieval age, Allirians were mostly seen in thick red and black cloaks and robes, layered with wolf fur and sheepskin to keep them warm in the blistering winter of the Iron South. Art was seen in large sculptures and mysterious grey wooden totem poles. Architecture wasn't a focus as during this time the Allirian Union was aimed toward becoming a strong unitary state. As all of Alliria modernized, they developed a gothic, but classy and suave culture, dressed in fine black leather and velvet, with heavy fondness in silver rings and charms, with synthetic furs being introduced as the Almighty Government expanded, and began its reign as a total iron fist, banning and prohibiting in large quantities. The Astrunovian Crow feather became more popular in Allirian art and style as well as the bird was introduced by the Weiddelhold Family, the Astrunovian Crow would become a massive influencer of the Allirian Gothic Culture. Going into their golden age, Allirians started expanding this gothic beauty to architecture, which can be seen today with marvelous structures such as the towering Crimson Eye Monument or the colossal Gorhars Bridge. The nation would seek to discover beauty in darkness, with dark shades of red, grey, golden, and bronze, and adding a tiny spark of white to symbolize a light that can most certainly found in darkness. This culture could even be found in the ancient sacred Church of Karullan I. Gothicism is the backbone of all Alliria, it is presented in government, law enforcement, education, industry, and all throughout the Allirian Empire. It is the culture that the Allirians hold dearly more than anything in this world.

Warrior Race; Though the Allirians are fond of art, black feathers, and silver jewelry. They are indeed a warrior race. Since the very birth of the Allirian Union, officially in 606 BC, knowing war and knowing how to fight in war has been a strong part of Allirian culture and ideology. Everyone in Allistair Union knows how to fight, they are sent to the military and under the wing of the Almighty Government almost immediately after their birth. They are ready and prepared to crush any kind of attack, at any time. The Early Astrunovians, including King Karullan I himself which the Allirians directly come from were indeed warmongers, absolutely murderous people who gave their lives and fought violently against one another to see that West Astrunovia is united under their own proper sovereign kingdom. This barbaric history of the Allirians has shaped them into strong willed and unbreakable people, that are always prepared to die for the Allirian Union. The Almighty Government wishes to ensure that Allistair Union isn't the best, but formidable to anyone that dares challenge them. The Almighty Government would seek to create a race of purity and perfection; rich, healthy, smart, wise, respectful, honourable, loyal, and able to defend oneself and ones own country. The Allirian common moral of holding only strength and wisdom at all times no matter what directly comes from this history, and has shaped the Allirian race not only into one of beauty, but one that bestows great fear into the hearts of foreign people across the globe.

The Allirian Mind; With living in gothicism and radical authoritarianism, Allirians have developed interesting personalities over the years. They carry themselves with intensive sincerity and mental strength, independence, passion, pride, confidence, and willpower. Though they are united under a strong Almighty Allirian Banner, they still retain strong individuality and interests. This is what leads to corruption and cynicism, not within the Almighty Government who only have the goals of creating a perfect unitary state, befriending the nations of the world, and fighting toward world peace. This corruption can be found in the Allirian Empires nobility. Allirians are made so strong and so wise, that they develop self interests and rather cynical mindsets as they are a race that has developed immensely within a strongly isolated nation for centuries. This has lead the Allirian Union into an era of internal overconfidence. The Allirians, despite the strict laws of the Almighty Rule, are extremely prideful and passionate. Of course, the Almighty Government has crushed any sort of issue that arises from these traits. They are aware and have been aware of the mindsets that Allirians would begin to develop for many years, and thus they are prepared for it. Despite it all, Allirians are a united peoples, even if they might walk with individuality. It is just that due to their overconfidence, they will occasionally value oneself over the Empire, no matter how harsh the Almighty Government may be, the Allirians have adapted to it, and the Government, as much as it is strict, it will never totally oppress its own people.