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Arts and Entertainment

In Grev, the arts are thriving. The government sees the arts as playing an important role in the economy of Grev. The vast majority of arts are self-supporting without needing to solicit donations. This is achieved through a combination of ticket sales, sponsorships, and advertisements. The ballet, the opera and musicals are very popular in Grev. Music concerts, both classical and contemporary, also enjoy a big audience. The performing arts are very well-attended in Grev, because arts enjoy a position of prestige, therefore individuals enjoy "being seen" at the arts. They also provide an opportunity for business people to network; the timing of intermissions is carefully arranged for that purpose. It is not uncommon to have 5 intermissions in total in a 3-act play or ballet instead of the single intermission that is more common in other countries. This provides people many more networking opportunities within the course of the event attended.

The only negative aspect of the arts in Grev is that just as legitimate businesspeople have the opportunity to network there, so do elements of organized crime or the black market. As a consequence, the Espionage branch of the military is suspected to be present at many of these events.