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Random Facts about HUElavian People and Culture (WIP)

-HUElavia is home to 15+1 Different Cultural Groups- Hueti (Quechua), Portuzian (Portuguese), Astellian (Spanish), Eskadi (Basque), Franc (French), Tallian (Italian), Rus (Russian), Breitzen (German), Ibo (Nigerian), Yamoto (Japanese), Guantzu (Cantonese), Jeong (Korean), Pinoy (Filipino), Cog (Vietnamese), and Quhah (Arabic). The "+1" is a mix of Astellian and Portuzian known as Galegian (Galician).

-Almost all HUElavians are raised bilingual from a young age, and tend to know 4 languages by the time they graduate college. Multilingualism is something that is taken seriously and with pride in HUElavian culture, even if it can make the kids slow learners when they're young.

-While Christianity is the majority religion, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are the main two Christian religions, accounting for over 400 Million HUElavians, and the reach of religious influence takes up over 2.7 million square miles (about 83% of the total area of HUElavia)

-The modern day HUElavian comes from parents of two different cultural backgrounds, regardless of racial background. Although, interracial couples is common to see and it is generally viewed positively by HUElavians.

-HUElavians tend to be very healthy in terms of body shape and size. Obesity is very, very rare to find due to the healthy diet that HUElavians eat, plus the constant amount of exercise HUElavians partake in.

-The average height for an adult HUElavian Male is 1.80 m (5'10"), while the average height for an adult HUElavian Female is 1.62 (5'3").

-Many cities have Carnaval taking place at different times of the year, which tends to involve one for the general HUElavian people and one mainly for a certain ethnic or cultural group.

-HUElavians love to watch Sports due to the country enjoying exercise and being healthy. Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport, where citizens tend to be supportive of new stadiums being built in order to support their local team. Futsal follows right after, along with Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Gridiron Football, Basketball, and Lacrosse.

-Racing events tend to be held mainly in street circuits, but there are some Speedways and Superspeedways, as well as Rally Events tend to be very popular out in the countryside.