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June Executive Report

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June Executive Report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Led by Minister Druing, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Kanglia

Approaching the end of the Executive term, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to uphold its regular duties, most notably with new consulates being established by other regions. Since we ratified the motion to sign it, the Union is now officially a signatory to the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards. The region was also featured in an NSGE Exhibit. Additionally, the Deputy Minister and WA Delegate for the region has been directing people's attention to Security Council proposals, having started to regularly publish guidance on the active vote.

The Ministry of The Census
Led by Minister Glaciosia, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Die Kronprinzessin

The Ministry of the Census has continued to serve its mandate to process citizenship applications. The Archival portions of the Ministry have continued making advancements in our procedures and organization of legislative activity, creating a process for repealed treaties and laws to be stored, and getting a shiny new subforum for the forum. The Ministry is now bound by the Arnhelm Declaration, and will continue, as we have previously done to refrain from recruiting outside of the generally accepted lanes. We have approved 9 applications as of June 26.

The Ministry of Culture
Led by Minister the Second United States Republic with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Duckstan and Asdersland

We completed our first political compass survey. If Duck is up for it, I plan on doing it once every three months as new people join and old members evolve politically. Meanwhile, roleplay has reset into the 1990s and is fairly active while Unioncraft is still fairly quiet. I'd also like to restart game nights (if any of y'all remember from a while back). This can be run by Thatch if he wants to run it before, otherwise the MoC can handle it. And finally, I plan on making an announcement to remind out-of-region roleplayers to sign up for citizenship sometime this week.

The Ministry of Defense
Led by Minister Comlogical, with the assistance of Deputy Minister Kanglia

The Ministry of Defense continues to uphold its mandate to monitor invasions and assist vulnerable regions. With Kanglia & co. running the updates, the UDSAF participated in 33 total operations this month that defended, detagged and liberated regions in need. The Ministry of Defense, with assistance from its Deputy, declares that the revival has been largely accomplished upon the end of Pheonix's term, and looks forward on maintaining the activity streak for the years to come.

The Ministry of Justice
Led by Minister Brittalia

The Ministry of Justice has served it's constitutional duty to the President as provided.