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Eraver in Today


Eraveriadrama presents


Eraver in Today is the story that is dedicated to Today's Eraver, and the government today, is much liberal than the government in long time ago, and Eraver in Today was a story that made Eraverians look to the presents and then they look to the future once the presents is transforming to future, and the future will be a technological future, the environment is good, and Rudeness is decreasing because of the Eraver's goal to decrease Rudeness and Corruption, Eraver believes that Corruption is a problem, and Eraver starts working for the government to decrease Corruption, and Corruption is decreasing because of the Eraver's plans, and the today's society is hard-working, compassionate, and devout to the religion, economy, science, politics, and yes, society, Eraver's society today, is the new day, and the new day can help you wake up and the sun rises, and the sun rises and you drink coffee every morning, and you go to work, and the income equality helps the income distributed equally rather than unequally, and the equal distribution makes the poor money, because the poor will have money and the person brings the homeless to car and goes to home because the homeless need homes, the economy today, is worth about 1 trillion since the Eraver's goal to 1 trillion, and we did it, the economic output is now 1 trillion as a result of successes, and the successes can lead to better times, and the better times will lead to the future, and the future will lead to decreasing Corruption, and the Decreasing Corruption can lead to the society where there are no corruption, and the integrity will rule over corruption, and the people who bribes will be arrested for lawsuits.