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History of the Socialist Weimar Republic

After losing World War 1,the Weimar Republic is formed in 1918,The new country is hit by a large amount of humiliation after the defeat,it has to remove all forces from the Rhine out and Saarland is released,in the 1930's the country suffers an early economic fall,but it's not just that,Socialist Nationalism starts to rise,Hitler never gains power of the country because this more influential Socialist power comes from the East,the also newly formed Soviet Union starts to spread quickly it's Communist influence around eastern and central europe in a socialist form,but not just that,The Kingdom of Italy also starts to fall due to this massive amount of Socialist uprising,France suffers the new Socialist flood,by 1934,the Socialist Weimar Republic is formed,the Nationalist Socialist is still alive and rivals the several new formed Socialist states,in 1936 the United Kingdom also becomes rivals with the new Socialist Powers who have already joined the Comintern,now called the Workers Union which has expanded quickly,a new Socialist era for Europe has begun and the Socialist Weimar republic is one of the leading members of the Workers Union,World Tensions rise by 1938 and another World War is expected to happen,Democratic powers against the Workers Union.

Socialist weimar