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Protected regions

1. A Protected region is established as a means of prevention against future raids while leaving the native population the maximum possible autonomy. It is not considered a part of Altay's territory.

2. The appearance, embassies, border control (the latter only in scenarios other than those described in the 7th clause), welcome and recruitment telegram, and officers (with the adition of the Protector) have to remain in their original state, as established by the native government prior to any raids, and can be further altered by the native government only.

3. The Regional government of Altay reserves the right to place a discrete notice with the folowing text in the Protected region's WFE:

[color=gray]*REGION_NAME* is now protected by [region]Altay[/region]. Click [url=https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1399028]here[/url] to learn more.[/color]
and pin one or more dispatches documenting the region's history. This right can be denied by the native government only.

4. A Protected region and its inhabitants are subjected to no peace of the regional legistation of Altay, except for this law.

5. A Protected region has it's own government independent of the Regional government of Altay.

6. The Protector's duty is to prevent the region from being taken over by raiders or from dying. S/he does not interfere with the actions of the local government, unless they act against this law.

7. Password-protection is to be enabled or disabled by the local government. However, if the Protectot is not the founder and simultaneously the local WA Delegate either has less than 20 endorsements, or their office is vacant, a password is mandatory.

8. If the original Founder returns, s/he has the full right to have their region given back in case they are certain not to ceise to exist in the next 56 - 120 days, depending on their settings.

Written by Leader Eastern Tatarstan on 3rd July 2020.