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Rising from the ashes

Today’s current state of Elcra wasn’t always full of peace, liberty, and freedom. About a century ago, for 600 years, Elcra was ruled with an iron fist when a coup overthrown the royal family and forced them to live in exile. For several hundred of years, Elcra has seen numerous atrocities with public executions, abuse of power within the government, and genocides within the nation. Numerous groups of people were wiped out of existence due to the tyrannical ruler simply not liking the way they look.

With all of these abuses of power being a daily routine for all citizens, this allowed for the royal family, and almost all the people, to plan a coup that would reinstate the King as the rightful ruler. However, the planning Of the coup de ta would take 100 years, as over the generations, numerous tyrants created weapons of mass destruction, which lead to numerous setbacks of the well awaited coup to perform. This had lead to a plan to infiltrate the government and act as sleeper agents until the time was right. Thousands of people have infiltrated the government across all branches, becoming high ranking officials within the government whilst never forgetting why they signed up.

After the 100 year wait of the well planned out coup, it was finally launched. Across all branches of the government, several thousands of loyalists supporting the royal family planned out a simultaneous attack across the country, first targeting the several heads of the military with success, then overtaking the capital city of Gracemaria. This grueling civil war lasted for 5 years, with the tyrant of the time accepting defeat and being convicted of human rights abuses, abuse of power, and several war crimes. This lead to the execution of the tyrant and a rebirth of a nation.