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Genres by Eraveria Drama


Genres by Eraveria Drama

[font=arial]Welcome to the Drama fact-book when we describe the genres and we post them every day, Eraver created the roleplay post or makes a story about the generation and place it to your genre, including Miscellaneous, and the genre can be placed after your story can be published by Eraver, and Eraver posts Roleplay, and if the post is short, then it will place it to the dispatch of Stories, Questions, Roleplay/Repiles, and Posts (SQRP).

The genre is about the origins of (nation name) or the origins of (person name), the origins is based on the person/people who are originated from the different country or the different state, and moved back to the new state or the new country.

The genre is about the economics of (nation name) and the economic ideologies, the economic ideologies are Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, and more.

The genre is about the series created by Eraver/Eraveria, a series that are made by the Eraverian organzation, the series is the genre of the story, and the story can be used as a series if Eraver created the story that looks like a soap opera or a serial.

The genre is about sitcoms, the full name was situation comedy and even have a abbreviated form called Sitcom, and the Sitcom genre is used for the shows with a sense of laughter, especially a sitcom laughter, that will be placed in a genre of sitcoms, and the scene is featured with laughs in every scene.

The genre is about the events and the politics because of the events that happened today or the long time ago, and the politics that are survived today or extinct from the long time ago.

The genre is about the adventure created by Eraver/Eraveria to create a form of adventure created by the tribes from the long time ago or making a masterpiece during the early ages.

The genre is about the humor that is created by using the type of comedy such as satire, irony, mockery, or sarcasm, this is very common in fiction and not for non-fiction.

The genre is about the alternative universe that is created by Eraver/Eraveria, such as EraveN for example, the parallel universe can make the original story different too, and the reality will be lost and replaced by imagination created by the parallel minds, and the minds can impact your thinking about reality as you can feel the imagination created by alternative you.

The genre is about Fantasy, that can happened during adventure, and this form of genre features the imagination that can changed every time, everywhere, and even everyday, because of that form of genre, where the fantasy came here, we can, soon, surprised that the story has came true, and the coming true process requires some fantasy to your story.

The genre is about Coming of Age, which means that the protagonist is growing from the child to adult with the evolution of your human body, when you born as a baby, you will turn into adult years later, and the years pass by, and the body will be growing to adult with your teenager body, the teenager body is as normal as the weight itself, the adulthood will be finished with your body fully turned into a adult as the more years pass by during the generation, and you can see that your mind has changed from a baby to a teenager with your mind are now showing your intelligence rather than levels.

The genre is about the story that are made long time ago, and Eraver remade the stories from the long time ago, and categorized as Classics, which is a genre of the old movies and including retro, Eraverian stories are the works, and Eraverian stories dedicated to Eraverians on Eraver.

The genre is about the story that are created by Eraver today because this modern society will publish the books that Eraver was made, and Eraver will publish and continue to publish the stories by writing in the Regional Message Board (RMB), and Eraver will publish the stories that are contemporary in nature, the contemporary stories are different from classics, which is published in the long time ago, and remade it as a new genre (e.g. Coming-of-age, Humor, Classics, Fantasy).

The genre is about cinema, the story is made for Eraverian government, and it puts a rating into the story, the story is relating to cinema, as well as health and nature, contemporary stories, meta and meta-economics, comedy, family, kids, and history, Health and Nature is the sub-genre of cinema that is related to health and nature, Contemporary story is the sub-genre of the cinema that is related to the plot that is in today (e.g. 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017), Meta and Meta-economics is the sub-genre of the cinema that is related other than health and nature, contemporary stories, economics and more, Meta is the work that is created figuratively rather than literally, and the Meta-economics is the sub-genres of Meta that is talking about economics in the figurative way, and not in the literal way, Meta and Meta-economics is like it's miscellaneous, means that is different from the genres such as comedy, contemporary story, health and nature, comedy, family, kids, and history, Comedy is the sub-genre of the cinema that is related to laughs and funny, Family is the sub-genre of the cinema where there is no bad language, Kids is the sub-genre of Cinema that does the same as Family, and History is the sub-genre of the cinema where the movies are discuss or reanimate the history and places it in the movie plot.

The genre is about other than the genres that you heard about (i.e Cinema, Economics, Origins, etc.), Meta is the genre in which the story is out of context/other than the usual genres, it will be categorized as Meta, Meta is the genre that is not related to genres that are literal or formal, Meta are created in the figurative or informal way, by using words that are slang but not vulgar, vulgar words are not introduced because adding vulgar words can lead to my article getting deleted, euphemisms are allowed in stories because Euphemisms are suitable to the audience of Eraver, the Eraverian audience will features the story, if it's meta, the Meta award will appear in the story, this is the new genre due to the new update.

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