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What does how to do with ideologies?


Eraveriadrama presents


The ideologies of Eraver are the type of the ideologies that can exist with the political/religious form, and the religious ideology are the one of the most sub-types of the Eraverian ideologies, and the other hands, we got political ideologies, which is the ideology that can coexist within the party, the sub-type of the political ideology is called Nonpartisan political ideology, which is the sub-type of the ideology that can't coexist with the party, Nonpartisan political ideologies believe that the political party is corrupt, and the political parties are making the political axis leaning to authoritarian, Nonpartisan political ideologies also believe that the lives will be much better without the political parties, the opposite form of Nonpartisan political ideology is Partisan political ideology, the Partisan political ideology believe that the political parties should be remained, and not abolished, and now Let's talk about religious ideologies, the religious ideologies are one of the main pillars of religion, and the religion can't coexist with politics because Religious are not political unlike Politics, Religion can be depended when the rights are earned, achieved or even abolished when the religious community are hated by the policy, and that's the end of the story guys!