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History of Kirwano

The founding of Kirwano can be traced back as far as the first century BCE by its current leader @gifted.intelligence. Founded in Ireland, The Armed Republic of Kirwano has strong ties to the IRA (irish republican army) and as such holds an underlying hatred for the nation of CmonBruh. This hate occured due to the tension between Kirwano's chads and CmonBruh's simps. Kirwano frowned upon gifting subs to females and as such gew more and more spiteful towards CmonBruh.

Eventually, a conflict broke out between the two nations. Raging on and on for many years, Kirwano eventually came out on top and defeated CmonBruh (primarily due to its extensive research in the NoFap technology sector). Up until recently, CmonBruh lay in ruins and was ruled over by Kirwano.

This all changed however, when in June 2020, Kirwano granted independence to CmonBruh This resulted in peace between the two nations and eventually, with the help of Gerard Fahey they formed "The Bedean Republican Coalition". Ever since, CmonBruh and Kirwano have been like brothers to each other with their economic and political relations being at an all time high.